After black fangs lair, GM's what have you done?

Beginner Box

I now have the beginner box (YAY!) and am ready to run the main adventure in the gm's book however im curious to know what people have done with the box also, for example the raven watch adventure idea and any other adventure hooks listed for sandpoint.

I'm just looking for ideas and storylines youve used that you dont mind me borrowing for my own games.

After defeating black fang I added a key to the treasure that the party found and this then lead to a door that lead further into the dungeon. I made the dungeon to be kind of a battle long over, between a cult following an ancient set of gods (not in the book) and a rat worshipping sect (the rats won).

Well basically the party had to try and find what had gone on. In the end they had to fight mama rat and her hybrid offspring (human/rat) I just edited the werewolf to fit this.

I had a set of riddles so that the party could solve a pressure plate puzzle at the beginning and scenes of battles etc. I also burned and stained some parchment with the final words of the ancient cult in it.

Hopefully that can give you some ideas for your game but basically just go with your gut for the story I did loads of mistakes in mine but no one cared cos we are all new and had such a great time plus I got to freak them out with the whole rat hybrid thing. One of them even died but to not destroy the game I brought them back as a kind of flesh eating zombie thing which everyone loved.

Have fun.

craig_uk wrote:

I now have the beginner box (YAY!) and am ready to run the main adventure in the gm's book however im curious to know what people have done with the box also, for example the raven watch adventure idea and any other adventure hooks listed for sandpoint.

I'm just looking for ideas and storylines youve used that you dont mind me borrowing for my own games.

I launched into an adventure path, personally. Those do tend to reach into solidly mid-level play, but if you don't mind that (and the imminent shift to the full rules), both Rise of the Runelords and Jade Regent conveniently start off in Sandpoint.

Other than that, go with THA's advice. Come up with a story and draw your players into it, and worry more about having a good time with your friends than getting everything exactly right. You can also use the adventure itself as a set of guidelines on how to build your own.

isnt rise of the rune lords for 3.5? id have to figure out how to convert it, otherwise the first module i was going to run was crypt of the everflame

I've just run my 3rd PBB session today, part 2 of Crypt of the Everflame. Where Black Fang's Lair took under 4 hours of playing time, the Crypt took around 9 hours of playing time and many days of game-time to complete; it's very 'meaty' for a modern module of its size.

(spoilers for Everflame)

I think it worked well; it's particularly heavy on traps & undead so Clerics and Rogues can shine. We had lots of fun; the challenge level was good - scared players, but no fatalities.

The one criticism I have is that the ending felt a bit flat, and I think this was due to sketchy organisation/presentation of the text in the final encounter area. I think Kassen's appearance should have been boxed off in its own section, and the Everflame itself should do something more than light torches.

After the players fought Blackfang (he escaped), I started to run the Jade Regent AP.

Personally I don't care for simplifying rules. Even for beginners.

I've decided the next adventure I'll run will be "To Delve the Dungeon Deep", the Pathfinder Society free download. I have the Haunted Dungeon flipmat so that will let me get good use of it, and the background was fairly easy to adapt for my Yggsburgh campaign setting.

After the paladin in my group smote the dragon with the magic sword, Black Fang flew off. On their way back to town there was an earthquake, which i had planned to use as the tie in to get them to the Master of the Fallen Fortress scenario (transplanted from Absalom to the Sandpoint Hinterlands). However my next couple sessions were short players so instead I had them explore the town a little bit, pick up a couple odd jobs. They took a peek into The Old Light (using the BB Bash Demo "Relics"). With that scenario they built up a little reputation with the Sczarni down by the docks.
Then they heard about an ogre that had taken over a poor farmers stead, which they valiantly liberated and returned a cartload of goods that some thieves thought they could get away with under the less than vigilant watch of the ogre.

Once our full party was back in action we had a new player join up, a rogue in the employ of a collector interested in a certain tower, hidden in an over grown forest that a recent earthquake had opened. They were level 2 by this point so i had to bump up all the encounters since the module is for level 1.
We are currently about part way through the tower, need about another 1.5 hours to finish it.

Once they get back to town I have one of those "all roads lead to Rome" situations setup that is going to get them sent to Magnimar. A couple challenges on the road will bump them to 3rd level. Once there they will be launched into the Feast of Ravenmoor module.

I've done a lot of stringing together of modules, which i am seeing a problem in. Namely a couple of my players are getting bored. I really recommend trying to learn what your players like and what they want out of the game.
For example, two of my players are very hack'n'slash, as long as i have some good combat where they can roll dice and dish out some pain they are thrilled. One of my other players is a bit more experienced, so he is looking for more puzzles and ways of solving problems without combat, he has also been helping the newer players with tactics in combat. The rogue's player is interesting in the RP aspects and using his stealthy rogue abilities. And my final player (our only female player i might note) is really looking for a story that she can get invested in.
The free modules are great for some good combat but seem to fall a little flat on setting up chances for RP and offering a compelling story. My inexperience has had our sessions come up short on these things since i wasn't properly prepared for filling in the blanks. I just picked up the GM Guide, and so far it is proving to be a dragon's hoard of good information for running a game, and filler to make the world immersive.

I don't know how much if at all this helps, but that just my experience as a new GM.

My party does not meet often nor do we play for that long. So far, we have only completed and Black Fang’s Dungeon and The Deadly Mines. I am now going to send them on a trip from Sandpoint to Kassen and the Crypt of Everflame adventure. During their travels to and fro, I plan to have some short side adventures, at least one using one from the BB GM Kit. On the way to Kassen, I plan to have them go through the Fangs from the Past adventure. Eventually, I plan to have them return to Sandpoint and at some point, begin the The Rise of the Runelords.

BillH56 wrote:
My party does not meet often nor do we play for that long. So far, we have only completed and Black Fang’s Dungeon and The Deadly Mines. I am now going to send them on a trip from Sandpoint to Kassen and the Crypt of Everflame adventure...

You could always just place the Crypt near Sandpoint, and have Kassen be a long-dead hero of Sandpoint itself. The adventure is very easy to move around IMO.

I embellished from the start of the main quest and added tonnes to the back end....and I have to say it was pretty awesome!

First I had them meet at an inn. They were answering a want ad posted around the city looking for adventurers. They met with a man who blindfolded them and took them to a secret location (a hidden room within a wealthy landowner's mansion) where they were given their task of retrieving an item that had gone missing (The Dragonblade).
They were sent to the cave to retrieve the sword and bring it back because (unbeknownst to the PC's) it was a magical heirloom that gave much influence to whoever possessed it, and (also unbeknownst to the PC's)their host desperately needed it to gain control over the city and its ruling merchant class.

If you noticed, there is a passageway beyond the dragon's cavern. I had my PC's have further encounters where they uncovered powerful secrets about the town where they came from. They learned the lineage of a forgotten noble family and came upon a man who had been trapped for months in a web of enchantment.

They went back to the city only to discover that the dragon Blackfang had gone on a few raids, raging and killing dozens of people, and destroying large parts of the city (he also regained his HP and then some, just to give a little challenge). The PC's were now wanted men for angering the dragon and putting the city folk in mortal danger.

In the end they had an encounter with the one who sent them, fought past hired assassins, looted his mansion and burned it to the ground, met with an angry mob, and then they fought the dragon again - this time to it's death. Finally, they were arrested by the city's rulers and had a trial to answer for all the recent events.

The trial was the most 'roleplaying' moment. They actually had to remember all the little pieces of information I dropped here and there throughout the quest. I had a little checklist and weighed out what they could remember and what evidence they could produce in their favor in order to determine the outcome of the trial. It was sweet watching them sweat as they tried to remember! I really hauled them over the coals, and they came out victorious. More than that, they did so well in the trial that they became heroes of the city!

The quest in the box is a good one, but it lacks the depth of a true story-based adventure. I recommend to all of you to take a week or two before playing and add whatever you can to bring the first adventure to life. You're players won't know it, but the experience is worth it!

Sorry if this is a necro, I just wanted to share because I’ve been having so much fun. First thing though, thank you for making such an awesome product!

I’m a first time GM and pen and paper person in general. I’ve played a few D&D computer and PS2 games so I have a grasp of a few things, other than that though I’m a newb. It took us 2 sessions to finish the BB quest due to time restrain, but it did give me plenty of time to pick up some things like some graph poster board and ruler.

First I had the players rest up after dealing with Black Fang before heading back to town. Seems like quite a walk and I had something planned. When they got back to town (NE side) they were approached by a frantic priest who was having undead problems in the graveyard. (I drew all the maps from here on out) The PC’s went in and killed a few undead and then came upon a wizard behind the problem. I lowered the CR for the “Evil Wizard” because it turns out he was a flunk out at Korvosa’s Acadamae and also the son of one of the head priest. He had stolen some magic items before leaving the Acadamae and had in possession a Wand of Animate Dead. I let the PC’s try and identify the wand, but I made the DC high so they would get the priest to look at it. The priest took the wand to destroy it and gave the party some gold and told them he and the church would owe them a favor.

The next day after the celebration the PC’s went shopping and I had them approached by someone who, after hearing about their deeds, wanted to employ them to look into an orc clan who had come into possession of an artifact.

After the PC’s invade the orc camp they run into the chief, have a chat, and then a serpentfolk appears. They take the artifact and escape in a secret passage behind the orcs “throne” as an ogre comes smashing in. It was a nice little boss fight. The ogre had destroyed the “throne” and the wooden base it was on so the passage had caved in. The PC’s found a cave in the back where the ogre was locked up, along with a human who was in a different smaller cell. One PC used a ration and some water to help the prisoner and he tells them about what he knew. The serpentfolk was name Za’Thule and I planned to make him a reoccurring villain.

When the PC’s go back to inform the quest-giver what happened, he tells them he learned what the artifact is. (Ok so I kind of borrowed the name, but my players are none the wiser.) The Orb of Elemental Evil-A magic orb that can create elemental servants. The orbs power is limited in the fact it must be painted with runes and left to absorb the element in which you wish to create for three days. At the peak of power a simple ritual must be performed and then the orb releases its power in the form of an elemental creature, bound completely to the will of the one who undergoes the rite.

That’s where we end. Sorry for ranting, and I did leave plenty of details out, lol. Next up our PC’s will infiltrate Za’Thule’s temple. I have some ideas for the rooms which will have elementals to encounter. I have the bestiary now so I can add cool stuff like the water elemental whirlwind ability.

I’m having a blast. I always wanted to play but never had a group. Guess I should have committed to being a GM a long time ago; I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun!

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