Can Gentle Repose be renewed?

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PC died last session in my game. We're playing Kingmaker, and they don't have a cleric powerful enough for any Raise Dead spells yet (all at level 4), so they have to ride at full speed to another city.

With the weather and a caravan, it could take them around a week.

So a question has come up. For them, Gentle Repose is a 4 day spell. At the end of those 4 days, can it be cast again?

Yes you can. I don't see an text to imply otherwise.

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It can be cast so that the durations overlap. When one ends, the other casting maintains the body.

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Absolutely. Moreover, there are magic items which will keep the effect perpetual (viz. the sihedron medallion in The Godsmouth Heresy)

Cool, I was leaning towards yes, but wanted to check before I made a precedent. Getting this wrong could have been a major problem.

Thank you!

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