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Gary, is there any chance you could increase the length of a PbP Campaign's "Short Description" field from the current 250-character limit up to around 1 or 2K characters?

I would really like to be able to maintain a short menu bar linking to the campaign's table of contents, wiki, and the character of the current party members, but the shortness of this field prevents the inclusion of any URLs.

Desired usage wrote:
[ Table of Contents | Wiki | Party: Alis | Amhranai | Darvesch | Isaac | Lureene | Tyralor ]
Truncation under current limits wrote:
[ Table of Contents | Wiki | Party: Alis |

As a result of this limitation, I've simply be adding a more fluff-based header, but it really would be nice if I could add something with a bit more crunch.

Laithoron, how are you getting the vertical lines? I like.

But let me add +1 to a longer short description, and if possible for more of it showing above a campaign. I've taken to giving my campaigns taglines, often quotes from notable NPC's etc. and i'm finding the character limit a bit limiting.

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DM Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Laithoron, how are you getting the vertical lines?

"|" = "<shift> \" -- on an American keyboard anyway.

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Yep, Joana has it right. On both my desktop and laptop keyboards (both US), that key is the one directly above the main Enter key. If it's missing on your keyboard I suppose you could always copy/paste it into a shortkeys macro. ;)

BTW, I like the idea of changing out quotes in the header like that — it's a nice personal touch.

If it helps, on my european keyboard it's the button directly above the tab button (left side of the keyboard).

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Bumpity bump.

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I've checked and I don't think changing this will break anything. It might be a bit before we get around to it though.

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Yeah I figured that changing the size of a database field would have to wait until a maintenance window. Looking forward to when you're able to implement it though. Thanks. :)

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Heeey Gary... It's been a year and change. Any chance we could get that 1-2K limit at some point? :)

Right now, this is all I can fit in there:

Rumble in the Jungle wrote:
[ Links | Matrix | ToC | Wiki ]

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