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The 10% Magic Item Rule-

When looking for magical items for sale, if the cost of a given item is less than 10% of the cities base value (590GP at the moment), a roll is not required to find one.

100% Cost Crafting-

Crafting magical items gives no discount (except for scrolls and potions).

The Kingdom-City Ratio House Rule (thanks Nethys)

The number of cities a kingdom can support is based off its size. A kingdom may have one city for every 5 size (min. 1). A kingdom of size 9 or less may only support one city. A kingdom of size 10-14 may have two cities. A kingdom of size 15-19 may have three cities, and so on.

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House Rules & Rules of My Games

Vital Strike automatically upgrades to the next feat in the chain at the appropriate BAB

Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic are banned.

No Alchemists and Summoners

Detect Magic Changes-

1. You must make a will save against an illusions DC+2 to realise it is an illusion and have its magical aura register while using Detect Magic. The increase in DC is to represent that your not really interacting with it in any sensory way (close inspection, using hands/hearing) as well as balancing a cantrip against higher level spells. This will save will be made by me in secret.

2. You will no longer be able to detect magic auras that are part of a trap until the trap is triggered. In the process of making a magical trap, part of the creation includes a permanent Magic Aura spell masking the aura. Resetting such a trap includes a re-activation of the Magic Aura spell.

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