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Prelude to the Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina 1816-1836 by William W. Freehling wrote:
"When preaching and logic failed, the rebel chief employed lies and threats."

God Stalk wrote:
Her temper had cooled somewhat by the time she reached Judgement Square, that vast open area with the Mercy Seat at its center

BTW, does "5th sentence" count the partial sentence that continues from the previous page or not? Or do I choose the better of the two?

I usually skip it, unless not doing so gets me a wicked awesome sentence.

'And they went on fighting around the gates until they fled inside, and they slew the prince and the men who were with him, all except one who was the ealdorman's god-son, and they spared his life, and he was wounded many times'

- from the Peterborough Chronicle, in vol. 1 of the Penguin Book of English Prose.

Orca wrote:
Loiosh settled on his left shoulder, and even the jhereg appeared to be listening.

"Starting at 14th level, when you make an ability check, you can expend one use of Bardic Inspiration."

-- Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Player's Handbook, Mike Mearls, et. al.

The night had found (to him a night of wo)
Upon a mountain crag, young Angelo--
Beetling it bends athwart the solemn sky,
And scowls on starry worlds that down beneath it lie.

--Edgar Allan Poe, "Al Aaraaf," in The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe

"Learn what is written here; use this gaze in everyday life and do not vary it whatever happens."

-A book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Mushashi.

Gordy was musically illiterate; he could neither play an instrument (he can doodle on the piano by ear and play what is called "arranger's chords") nor read music but he had a great sense of what constitutes a good pop-cum-R and B song, as both Raynoma Gordy Singleton and Smokey Robinson testify in their autobiographies.

--Gerald Early, One Nation Under a Groove: Motown & American Culture

Then he learned etak, how to dead reckon his position by imagining his canoe in the center of the star and islands sliding by on each side under star paths -- a unique Micronesian mental system of triangulation.

--Sam Low, Hawaiki Rising

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

But apparently everyone else worships at its shrine.

--Jane Gaskell, The Serpent

"Your words came so bad in

The tune we felt glad in ;-
This castle you're had in
That your life we may sadden;
Here's two humps for Jack Madden!"

--T. Crofton Croker, "The Legend of Knockgrafton," in Irish Fairy and Folk Tales, edited by W. B. Yeats

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

Apparently, my birth-prophecy was a hush-hush bit of knowledge which even Kaselm (who seems to be a man of resource) had difficulty getting hold of.

Jane Gaskell, The Dragon

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

Whites saw the sexual activity of the manumitted female slave as further evidence to support their claim that black women were sexually loose and innately morally depraved.

--bell hooks, Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism

The Exchange

Easy Rawlins wrote: wrote:
He was the closest I ever came to knowing a genius.

Rawlins is describing Jackson Blue, a man at the local bar in A Red Death.

Liberty's Edge

Fantasy Craft, Second Edition wrote:

Depending on your campaign, an Edgemaster could be... A grizzled master seeking a pupil to learn the

lethal secrets of his arsenal.

And since the Christian Germanic Empire was the closest embodiment of the absolute, history was arrested in Hegel's own time.

--Sidney Hook, From Hegel to Marx: Studies in the Intellectual Development of Karl Marx

I felt tired and dizzy.

-- Eleanor Arnason, A Woman of the Iron People

I'll see you at the Blue Bird Archway.

-- Roger Zelazny, Madwand

I need books with better 5th lines of page 55. C'mon Roger, don't you know that's where you need to unleash your best prose.

He tucked her head into his shoulder

-- Michael Moorcock, Modem Times 2.0

"Screw the expense," growled another.

- E. B. Sledge, With The Old Breed

Page 55 is a full-page illustration, so I'm going with page 56...

"Reproducing and maturing slowly, and likewise studying and practicing with great patience over many years, each elf masters his chosen area of expertise at a level of competence no man can hope to achieve."

Joseph Goodman, Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

I only pieced it together later.

Jane Gaskell, Atlan

The first book by a native German communist was The Sacred History of Mankind, written by Moses Hess, who had picked up communist ideas after running away to Paris from his father's factory in Cologne.

--David McLellan, Karl Marx: His Life and Thought

The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks wrote:
Mawhrin-Skel's fields blazed brightly, painfully white, lighting up the entire balcony for the second; people stopped talling and turned; the music hesitated.
Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks wrote:
He didn't know what sort of time system they used on the ship.
Celia, a Slave by Melton A. McLaurin wrote:
A decade after Missouri joined the Union and approximately a decade before Celia's birth, Nat Turner's rebellion heightened the fear of slave rebellion that Haiti had instilled in the hearts of white southerners.
What Hath God Wrought by Daniel Walker Howe wrote:
Twenty percent of the sailors in the U.S. merchant and whaling fleets were black.

"You're not frightened, are you?" said Granny.

-Terry Pratchett (Equal Rites)

"Am I supposed to sprain myself avoiding being seen dining with the wampyr, or with the adventuress?"

-Elizabeth Bear, New Amsterdam

"Hey, who do you think that is walking behind her?"

-Anonymous Bystander, Black Bullet (Vol. 1)

"Remember, the punishment for an escaped slave is not death - not for days"

Conan the Rebel - Poul Anderson

"Communication is two-way, but the other party must be able and willing to communicate."

Monte Cook, Numenera

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"Do you plan to lead the people of Judea in revolt against the Romans?"
Behold the Man - Michael Moorcock

The Treaty of Luneville, signed February 9, 1801, expressly stipulated that the Batavian, Helvetic, Cisalpine and Ligurian Republics should remain independent, but Bonaparte prepared to evade this clause before the ink was dry.

--Geoffrey Bruun, Europe and the French Imperium, 1799-1814

thejeff wrote:

"Do you plan to lead the people of Judea in revolt against the Romans?"

Behold the Man - Michael Moorcock

This has been on my shelf for a while. Should read it one of these days.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
thejeff wrote:

"Do you plan to lead the people of Judea in revolt against the Romans?"

Behold the Man - Michael Moorcock
This has been on my shelf for a while. Should read it one of these days.

It's ... interesting. Not exactly high fantasy. One of his early more serious works.

It's short and pretty quick read. Might as well read it.

"She is who she is, and I am who I am, and orders are orders."

Agyar - Steven Brust

The Rise of American Democracy by Sean Wilentz wrote:
"Out councils want the ingegrity or spirit of republicans," one western Pennsylvania society asserted, because of "the pernicious influence of stockholders or their subordinates."

This is in reference to Hamilton's plan to assume the revolutionary war debt and pay it off at face value. Those bonds had been largely resold to speculators since no one expected to see the cash again, which meant that the speculators would get a massive pile of cash for gambling whilst the ordinary people who bought the bonds originally got nothing but the depressed price they sold at.

The society, one of many Wilentz writes about, was of a class of bottom-up political organization that served as a precursor to the )(Democratic-) Republican party. Most of them fell apart after Jay's Treaty, but for a while some of them were the de facto government in remote areas. They had a complicated relationship with more urban equivalents (Tammany Hall was one.) and with more top-down groups headed by establishment politicians.

Precisely Russia and the United States are missing here.

--Friedrich Engels, "Preface to the Russian Edition of 1882", Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto

Which I read again with a new recruit.

As Malvin spoke, he almost raised himself to the ground, and the energy of his concluding words seemed to fill the wild and lonely forest with a vision of happiness.

--Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Roger Malvin's Burial" in Selected Tales and Sketches

"We must follow and put the mistake right before Mother finds out--" Urga said.

--Jane Gaskell, The City

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Pathfinder Adventure Subscriber

(In English, "Yes." Or in the original French, "Oui")

Patrick Modiano - De Yttre Boulevarderna[i] (Original Title - [i]Les Boulevards de Ceinture, English Title - Ring Roads).

"In Ardeyn, the longbow and the crossbow are the ranged weapon of choice for most warriors, human or qephilim."

Bruce Cordell and Monte Cook, The Strange

Still working on that fat backlog of RPG titles...

"Well that's a stupid name."

-Naofumi Iwatani, The Rising of the Shield Hero

Scarab Sages

"I have not seen any of these creatures in many years"

- Rich Burlew, Order of the Stick

Of the ancient sources on the struggles within the Roman Republic only Appian tells us clearly and distinctly what was at issue in the last resort--namely, landed property.

--Friedrich Engels, Ludwig Feuerbach and the Outcome of Classical German Philosophy

"Thus, when Gilda decided to pursue the "way of the woods" she traveled to a large neighboring forest (GM's choice) and consulted with Drimm, a male druid who served as her mentor for several years."

W.D.B. Kenower and Bill Webb, The Lost City of Barakus

Page 55 of this text is a full-page map, so this is from page 56...

As a historian, Kautsky would not have been able to deny that bourgeois parliaments are the organs of this or that class; but now (for the sordid purpose of renouncing revolution) Kautsky finds it necessary to forget his Marxism and he refrains from putting the question: the organ of what class was the Constituent Assembly of Russia?

--V.I. Lenin, The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky

"There are some blood stains and smears on the walls of the hallway, which are made of roughly worked stone, including one rather recent large hand smear of blood on the north wall."

Bill Webb, et. al., Rappan Athuk

This one's gonna take a while...

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"Often have I feared that had I remained in Menzoberranzan, I might have become akin to Artemis Enteri, and there is truth in that fear in regards to the hopelessness and apathy I see, or once saw, in the man"

Archmage, by R.A Salvatore

To understand the duke's sentiment towards Cesario in Twelfth Night, we must recall this form of sentimental friendship, which maintained itself as a formal institution till the days of James I and George Villiers.

--Johan Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages

"I'm cued to you and you shouted just now with your spiekmind."

-- Cordwainer Smith, Norstrilia

"When you struggle so hard for life, you grow strong--but you can grow harsh, too."

-- Brandon Sanderson, The Well of Ascension

And there she is there, lost in the middle, gnawing a pencil, detested by teachers, all the boys' eyes on her hair and neck, my Lolita.

-- Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

"Someone is here to see you."

-- F. Wesley Schneider, Bloodbound

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