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Full Name

Alexander Seymour Modeus


Tiefling (Devil-Born)


Bard (Negotiator) 1








Lawful Evil




Common, Infernal

Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Alexander S. Modeus

Tieflings born in Cheliax usually have one of two options. Flee or be taken as a slave for their human overlords. Alexander took a third option: put his skills as a skilled manipulator to good use and work for the Aspis Consortium; and organization that only truly cares about how much use it can get out of its members. Seeing opportunities to expand his influence through the organization, Alexander readily joined as a merchant, distributing whatever goods they needed delivered all throughout the Inner Sea Region.

Eventually through his various jobs, Alexander saved up enough money to open his own tavern. Setting up shop in Westcrown with the permission of his higher ups, he now holds a front as a simple bartender while simultaneously acting as a fence for stolen or illegal goods within the city. As of now, Alexander is content to be patient, waiting until the right time to seize more power; after all, there is no need to start any trouble when he had many more years of life left within him.

As of now, he opens his doors to all within Westcrown, but especially other Consortium members. Due to a prior arangement with the city guards, all Aspis Agents who seek safe haven can find it at the Twilight's Edge Tavern... for a price of course.