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There has been a lot of discussion about which class is best.. Can a raging barbarian beat a druid? Is a sorceror better than a monk.

In the sorc vs Wizard thread I proposed a grudge match - and several people were interested, so I thought to open it up and see if we could get enough people interested to run a real, online event.

In concept, competition would be in 4 man teams. Three of the players would play pregenerated, competent characters from a stable of 8-10 pregens.

The captain would create a character, and it would be subjected to rules scrutiny. Each captain would be responsible to arrange his own team.

Each team would be subjected to a standard series of rooms. The team that completed the most rooms would win. Rooms would be referred by a senior, impartial judge.

Game would be held using D20Pro (and free trial licenses would be available to participate in the tourney). Hero lab preferred.

What do you think pathfinders? ... Dare you enter the arena?
You can be strong, but do you have what it takes to be #1?

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