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I was wondering what the recommended point buy for stats would be for the Jade Regent AP 12, 15, 20, 25?

15. Always 15 and four players.

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Absolutely correct. The balancing of the AP as written pre-supposes both things Mort named. Furthermore, the XP in the first module are almost exactly enough to raise a party of four to fourth level.

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I gave my group 25, but I am also throwing in more monsters (since I have 6 players), tougher monsters, and using slightly altered crit/fumble rules. I agree with what these 'gents said though in that the module was designed with 15, party of 4 in mind. If you want to give your players more power to play with or instill a certain "play style," be certain to make the time necessary to prep the module for everyone's enjoyment.

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The group I'm running got 20 point buy. Granted, the party is a melee-sorc, a rogue, a ranger, and a fighter.

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I use 25 point buy.

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