Unsanctioned Detection and Detect Alignment

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Ultimate Magic gave us Unsanctioned Detection feat.
It has detect evil class feature as a prerequisite to learn meaning that it is intended for Paladins. Now I wonder if Inquisitor's detect alignment spell-like ability, which allows using detect evil at will, along with detect chaos, detect good and detect law does count as detect evil class feature for the purpose of Unsanctioned Detection. I already decided that as GM I will say yes if I get Inquisitor PC in he future, but I wonder what other GMs' stance would be in that case.

BTW: I think that I will rule that using Unsanctioned Detection to gain bonus to Sense Motive check can be activated as immediate action when speaking with someone.

RAW no,

as a houserule, the feat itself isn't that strong wouldn't cause a problem given to an inquisitor.

immediate action makes it a little strong as it can be then used in response to GM's call for a perception check,

best left as a swift and only useable for activate uses of the skills

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