New Character: Witch or Oracle?


Hi. I'm looking for build and character advice on an upcoming game. Thanks in advance.

Campaign is: a dark army was trapped in a shadow realm for 1000yrs and now has found a way out and are reconquering this area of the main realm they used to control; we are part of this army. The two other people I know are playing have a deep gnome master chymist and the other is unsure (talked about a trapper ranger).

I want to play a drow that used divination magic to stay alive in her house. I was first planning on playing a witch, but now the ultimate magic has the oracle seer archtype. My problem is I really didn't want to play an oracle (don't like the curse, couldn't choose a mystery or revelations with so many choices.)

I'm looking for advice on which to choose, how to build, thoughts and opinions. Campaign will start at level 1 and last until 10 (I'm guessing). I've only played one PF campaign before and had fun with a ranger/wizard/arcane archer who had a trick for every situiation. I like to have something for every occurance, and I don't know how to with these class features that only work once or twice per day. All PF material is allowed as is homebrewed options...

If you're a drow and spent most of your time underground and in dark areas, the clouded vision curse might be a good flavor combination?

What is the rest of your party playing? If you need flexibility, the witch draws from both the arcane and divine spell list.

If your party has most of the bases covered, you could specialize as an oracle in divination.

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