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I am playing a Halfling Sorceress with the Halfling Jinx alternate racial trait (from Halflings of Golarion) and I plan on taking her all the way with as many Jinx feats as possible. However several rules questions have begun to appear in our game and the book does not give obvious answers.

My DM has decided on a few of them and we are in agreement that we will see how it develops and make any change needed to make the ability good but not broken. I intend to entirely follow his decisions.

However, I would be interested in knowing if there are any official/RAW answers to these questions. I will state my DM's decisions after the questions.

1) If you make your save against the Jinx ability, you gain immunity to it for 24 hours. Does it also make you immune to its effect coming from a Jinxed spell ?

My DM's decision : No

2) If you make your save against a Jinxed spell, does it make you immune to the Jinx effect for 24 hours, whether said effect comes from another Jinxed spell or the Jinx ability ?

My DM's decision : If you successfully saved against a Jinxed spell, you are immune to Jinx effects coming from another Jinxed spell for 24 hours. However, you are not immune to the Jinx ability

3) If you cast a Jinxed spell, does it end the Jinx effect on a creature affected by your Jinx ability ?

My DM's decision : Yes

4) When is a creature who failed its save against a Jinxed spell no longer affected by the Jinx effect ?

My DM's decision : after 24 hours or either a new use of the Jinx ability or the casting of a Jinxed spell

5) Sluggish Jinx and Bolster Jinx

5-a) If you have one of the saves-boosting feats (say Iron will) and the Bolster Jinx feat, any jinxed creature will get -1 to its Ref and Fort saves and -3 to its Will saves. If you also have the Sluggish Jinx feat, is the jinxed creature's penalty to initiative and attack rolls -1 or -3 ?

5-b) If you have all of 3 of the saves-boosting feats and the Bolster Jinx feat, any jinxed creature will get -3 to all its saves. If you also have the Sluggish Jinx feat, is the jinxed creature's penalty to initiative and attack rolls -1 or -3 ?

6) Other than the Bolster Jinx feat, is there any way to increase your Jinx's penalty on saving throws ?

7) Halfling Jinx replaces the Halfling Luck racial trait. What happens if you have the Halfling Jinx racial trait and get a bonus to your Halfling Luck (say with the Halfling Opportunist prestige class's Exceptionnally Lucky class feature, also in Halflings of Golarion) ? Does it increase your jinx's penalty on saving throws instead ? Does it grant you a Luck bonus ? Does it do nothing special for you ? Should such bonuses to Halfling Luck mention the Halfling Luck racial trait as a requirement (which is not the case for the Halfling Opportunist) ?

Thank you all for any light you might shed on these points

PS : For now, I do not want to write down all the feats and abilities involved in my questions, as I fear this might hamper the sales of what I feel is an excellent product and maybe infringe on Paizo's intellectual property. Sorry for those who do not have the book (yet)

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I'd say that anything that increases the "Halfling Luck" specifically would increase the penalty applied. The aesthetics being that the overall "Luck in your favor" increases and a Jinx Halflings good luck is his opponents bad luck., and I'd agree w/ what your GM says about needing all 3 to increase by a total of -2. I like the whole "Spell/Ability can both target separately, aspect, as if you use it as an ability you don't screw over your spell slots that had +1 applied to them. I also agree with the mechanic that you don't get to keep up more than 1 at a time (Unless you spam Area Jinx feats to get a large enough area to Jinx all your foes. Also it doesn't say its an option but i'd house rule that you don't HAVE to use the full area of the Area jinx if you choose to do so. I'd also extend the 'try again w/ Jinx' similar to the Spell/Ability useage, to the Malicious Eye ability.

You might house rule that for every [Jinx] feat you posses you increase the penalty by -1, or -1/2 . My end reasoning for theses suggestions is that if you are spending most/all your feats on an ability that is primarily an flavor choice, you ought to get some bang for your buck. Its kind of sad that even with all the feats support an interesting racial mechanic, it doesn't scale at all to level.

I'd compare it to getting a 1d4 Magic Missile whenever you do X, then taking feats for it to also trigger on Y and Z. No matter how often you get it, early-mid game monsters will laugh in your face if you build your character around shooting d4's at them. but make those 3d4 for x y and z and you can at least be competitive if no where near optimized.

Official ruling please. PFS purposes.


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I agree on your rules interpretation, dragonlord, but I disagree on your power evaluation. It may eat up a lot of feats, but Jinx is very close to Evil Eye, which is one of the Witch's most important abilities. I think a Halfling save-or-suck sorcerer could do very well focusing his feats around these, at least on par with Augment Summoning for battlefield controllers. And it works on EVERYTHING!

Stiiiiiiiill waiting.

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Personally, I'm exceedingly wary of letting too many de-buff effects stack. My own rulings on the OP's questions would be draconian.

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