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Drejk wrote:
Daelkyr? Isn't it a product identity/closed content?

Sure is actually! That's why we are looking for custom content. We can't use what exists in Eberron, but "symbionts" are open and we have plenty of plans for them. Obviously we won't be using the name "daelkyr half-blood" but it certainly gets the point across in very few words.

Grey Matter Games is looking for authors to write custom rework of the daelkyr half-blood
Project Length: 5 submissions
Pay Rate: $.02 per word, maximum of 1600 words paid for per submission paid to writer's verifiable paypal account upon acceptance of finished work.

Additional details: Seeking author to write custom versions of the daelkyr half-blood for upcoming project. We are accepting 5 different submissions and will of course mutilate them into oblivion.

While symbionts are a minimum racial feature, all else is up to the author. The content should only be the racial stats and up to five alternate racial features.

Respond to: with your name, and racial submission. Subject line should be "DHB Race"
Respond by: August 4, 2017 11:59 P.M. CST.

Well said and good point! Thanks for the clarification. After rereading the Tumor Familiar discovery you're obviously right. TF just makes a familiar that is a tumor, doesn't turn your present familiar into it. Not sure my thought process back then when posted, but it's exceptionally obvious now.

Thanks again :)

No takers?

No takers?

I mistyped, I meant Innate Item Bonus.

How could one combine the Innate Item Bonuses (aka those Big 6 type buys that almost everyone purchases in order to stay even on the power scale) with Scaling Items.

For example, how can the innate item rules be retooled to fall into the scaling item rules? My initial thought was to add another WBL percentage penalty in order to accommodate the innate item rules, but off the top of my head I couldn't think of a proper formula to figure it all out.

How in the HECK could this be done?

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Not sure what just happened with my posting buuuut.... THANK YOU!!! FULL OF WIN!

How would this combination work?

To explain it let's use the Silver Raven as an example.

Tumor Familiar allows you to create said tumorous creature as a familiar that can attach to your body (gaining certain bennies), the Companion Figurine allows the Silver Raven to become a familiar.

What happens when you end the duration of the figurine? Does it turn back into a statue wherever it is? Can this be done while it is attached?

It seems pretty straightforward, just sending out some feelers to make sure.

Wondering the same as the above

Ah, the let me rephrase my question.

You state that the "only way to do it within the rules" is to use WoP. However, DM_Blake has cited, based on RAW, it can be done with the current rules of magical item crafting (specifically citing "Adding New Abilities").

So what hole in the reading of the rules makes the adding of new abilities (aka another potion effect) not legal RAW? At which point in the splaying of the rules that DM_Blake cited was there something omitted that makes adding another potion effect to a preexisting one not legal RAW?

(No need to discuss WoP further as this thread isn't trying to find a way to make combining potions happen, but rather it is trying to see if there is anything stopping it through current RAW. Which, unless something new is found or noted, it can be done RAW.)

The only rules worthy way outside of those listed in DM_Blake's post you mean?

Or do know of another rule or caveat that makes DM_Blake's direct reading incorrect?

Excellent points on all accounts.

I'm sure there are Wondrous Items that have multiple effects (via Adding New Abilities rule) to source for them, and it was that rule in general that gave me the idea for the poly-potion/elixir. Like you say however, just because it's available and intended for other no-slot items, doesn't mean such is the case for potions/elixirs.

Anyhow, thanks a bunch for the break down.

Fair point on Elixirs. Rephrasing question to a point then, using both Brew Potion and Craft Wonderous Item, blah blah blah original questions. Still referencing "adding new abilities".

Brf, according to the "Adding New Abilities" section, you CAN add a second effect to the potion. Unless I missed a caveat that specifically states you can't of course.

If one CAN'T, using the "Adding New Abilities" rule, put two potions together, please explain via RAW why that is, rather than just stating "according to RAW you can't". I request this because there is no citation proving your claim.

Using the Brew Potion feat and the rules for adding new abilities, what would be the general breakdown for effectively "combining" potions, elixirs, and the like? Please address "listed" CL of the new item, pricing breakdown, how change in CL would effect duration/points (example, increase of CL would increase damage healed by CLW) and how, if at all these would change the price of the over all item (example, would adding a CL 5 potion to a CL 1 CLW require repricing the CL 1 CLW as if it were CL 5?).

If you have any other RAW concerns or hole I may (likely) have missed, please address those as well.

A few example combinations to show clear situations:
Potion CLW + Potion CLW
Potion CLW + Elixir of Vision
Elixir of Vision + Elixir of Truth
Elixir of Vision + Elixir of Truth + Potion CLW

Note: I recognize that all of this is in the general realm of "up to DM approval", but please answer as if the DM has approved. No need to remark on the effective strength or power or balance, simply the RAW.

Many thanks ahead of time.

Stiiiiiiiill waiting.

Well if the rules don't allow for it then that's that! Thanks for putting a end result on it.

Won't swift aid and bodyguard conflict according to your ruling since they are both aid another checks?

VIA home rules yeah you are correct, however RAW I sadly think not because the feat of which you speak specifically refers to the +1 to hp/skill points. AND it states you get both, not one or the other and an alternate favored class bonus. Actually, I read another thread where they figured it out to mean "you either get both +1's or an alternate favored class bonus, not a combination of the above".

After reading their explanation, and rereading the feat, I tend to agree even though I really don't want to haha

Wise input Devilkiller. Dragons do seem to be a good template for the concept of grasping/manipulating with front claws.

Are there any rules for a quadruped standing only on hind legs?

Or perhaps would my theme (referring to the fore mentioned creatures) be better suited with biped and an extra set of Limbs (legs) with Claws? I guess I still run into the same issue of "can they be used to manipulate". That's why I figured the middle set of Limbs (legs) could also be Limbs (arms) if I spent the points to purchase two sets of arms. They reading says it can look like whatever you want, so why can't I say that the middle Limbs function as both? I know the argument against "nothing states you can't" is "DnD tells you when you CAN do something not the other way around", however... in this specific circumstance I feel it is relevant due to the ambiguity of the eidolon and its evolutions. Not to mention that I am not gaining anything by combining the two. It is far better (mechanically) to keep them separate.

Think about the ape with his handlike feet. He can use these feet to grasp things. That's what I'm attempting to accomplish.

I am trying to build this creature (see below two links) and obtain the biped/quadruped multi form. As you can see the creature's arms do not increase in length so when standing he doesn't get reach. And I'm not trying to get much in the way of benefits of bipedal form. Just the whole "I'm not a horse/ I can sit at the kitchen table" thing.

Quad "Form"



Oh I see, and no, I actually meant Gnome and 2 hit points. But yeah, you get what I meant. I had halflings on the brain.

I guess I should have known that since you can't take an alternate favored class bonus AND the base +1 hp/skill point. Dang, thought I stumbled upon something quite nice. Oh well!

Uh, now I may be crazy, but here's a question.

Can a human (for example) take the Racial Heritage (Halfling) feat and be considered both human and halfling for gaining favored class bonuses with the Summoner, aka gaining 2 hit points for his eidolon per class level taken?

If: Racial Heritage makes you count as another race and human for all effects/elements/yadayada.

And: "The following favored class options are available to all characters of this race who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the favored class reward."

Then: When the human (who counts as human) with the Racial Heritage (Halfling) feat takes a level of summoner, he gets the bonus as listed under "Favored Class Options" for both races as he meets the requirements under that entry.

Are there any rules that negate this?

Following this due to a similar question.

So we have a quadruped. Then I grab the Limbs (arms) evolution to make it centaur like. Then I grab a second Lims (arms) evolution. Now with this one, I "combine" it with the legs so that the middle appendages can function as either feet (+10 speed) or hands (claws, pincers, w/e). Seeing as how I can make the thing look however I want, would this be within the rules structure? My DM is super strict, so think like one is playing PFS.

Also, if this centaur like creature (body length of quadruped with a biped torso stuck on the front) stood up on its hind legs, what would be its height? Would it be that 7'11" height right before breaking into large size (since it isn't large which starts at 8') or would it in fact break into the large size (for height) but gain no mechanical bennies that normally come with large?

I'm not trying to get large bennies without the large evolution, I just picture this thing being roughly 10-12 feet tall when standing on its hind legs.

Kind of like... the plating keeping me in is just strong enough to do that unless some outside circumstance would cause more muscle stress on the guy. Also, the thin nature of the plating doesn't provide any cover/bonuses (which I wasn't going for anyhow) so baddies can still target me normally.

I think that sounds good. I just needed another way to explain what I had without getting cruddy about it. All that works.

Arbitrary... so true. Fine, I'll just make him look like Guyver, grab a chest, crawl into it whenever he's fighting.

Bad Guy: Hey creepy dude, why are you carrying that chest?
Eidolon: Nunya, now prepare to die!

I'll just sit in there with my wand of CLW, and life linking the big guy as needed. Heal up until he needs another link.

Well, I guess I could make it look exactly like a drider... well, at least until I go into the underdark, because it's not exactly fantastic for them. So are we saying something is fantastic based upon the viewers? So it has shapeshifting to change into something fantastic for each viewers or some such? Who determines what is fantastic? Like... where is the guideline for fantastic?

I personally feel a kobold is a fantastic creature, but in his own home I highly doubt Greebin the Ugly Kobold is found fantastic by his mother.

Wait... why would anyone who had seen a horse know it wasn't (besides rune)? It says it can't look like a specific creature, it doesn't say it can't look like a generic creature of race/species X. I could make it look perfectly like a giant spider, but not specifically like the giant spider my gnomish friends were eaten by.

Nice point blahpers. I found it! The exact creature I am attempting to emulate! It is called the Mind Steed and it is on page 26 of the Twisted Lore Legends and Lairs book.

If I can make my eidolon like any creature, why can't I make it like this one and get the "Engage Rider" type of effect. Me inside the sucker. I've made it look like the Mind Steed inside and out, so... why can't I?

Having thought of all this, I see now the issues with the eidolon. That "make it like anything" line is too open ended for intelligent players it seems.

Heck, with a high enough Knowledge (X) check, you can make a creature exactly like the original. Knowing how its organs function, where they are located, what chemicals it produces (aka making that organ) and so forth.

Eh, can't use said archetype. Otherwise I certainly would.

Because what I'm seeing is, my halfling "rides" prone on the spiderlike eidolon. The legs and front of chest are within the cavity, hands can be inserted for holding on better when the sucker is wall crawling, but otherwise his is simply prone riding his mount. I was looking for mechanical bennies.

I'm small and he is medium. I figured it would be a nifty way of using the mount evolution.

So... the concept of the eidolon being of any look you want is pretty obvious in how it works. You can make it look like any general concept, but not like an specific person. It says that it can look HOWEVER... you want. But... how far does this appearance customization go and how much does it effect the world? Let me clarify with some examples.

What would happen if I created my eidolon to have shovel shaped hands with bony plating covering them? Could he now have the benefits that come with using a shovel? Or could I create him with two mouths and sets of vocal cords two speak from both? Things like that.

At what point does the cosmetic change move over into a mechanical violation?

Here is the main reason for the question. I want my eidolon to house me within its body. For example, create it with a cavity in its back fitted for my body. I crawl up its back, socket myself in, and several retractable plates seal over the orifice. Or perhaps the orifice is in the front and it leaves my arms and head free for movement.

I don't see any reason (reading the rules) that this can't be done. However, if I missed anything it would be nice to know.

Nice idea Mors, but it's a little too much optimizing and sacrifices too much for the RP for me. The Gloves of Storing isn't bad though. And if you notice from my build, I don't even have power attack. And strength 1.5 isn't a big deal. I had planned on grabbing boots or something that let me move as swift/immediate later on to handle things like that. Gotta have that flash after all.

Second thought, is there a PF equivalent of the Vampiric weapon enhancement?

lol, yeah it counts haha, but I have a quick question: what do you mean "provides excellent choice when you have to move and attack in the same turn"? Why can't I move and attack with my hands filled with ax goodness? Just because I have two in hand doesn't mean i have to use them both. IIRC, you don't take two weapon fighting penalties unless you attack with them. Or am I WAY off on that?

For example, I spend move action to move 15 feet (I have an ax in each hand) and make a standard attack with just one (obviously). Do I take TWF penalties even though I wasn't fighting with two weapons? I only swung one.

Hey there. Making a level 1 two-weapon fighter for a PFS game. He will be throwing whenever possible. Here is what I have so far, any thoughts?

Human [Unbreakable] Fighter 2, [Invulnerable Rager] Barbarian 10
Traits: Defender of the Society, Armor Expert

Str: 16 (+2) = 18
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 7
Wis: 12
Cha: 7

1Character: Two-Weapon Fighting
1H: Toughness
1Fighter: Endurance, Diehard
2F: Quick Draw
3C: Raging Vitality
4RP: Guarded Life
5C: Double Slice
6RP: ?
7C: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
8RP: Greater Guarded Life
9C: Weapon Focus (throwing axe)
10RP: Increased Damage Reduction
11C: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12RP: Increased Damage Reduction

Extreme Endurance: Cold
Items Required: Blinkback Belt

I was seriously looking at Gladiator until I noticed it didn't work with PFS. "My axe is THIRSTY!!!" And tosses his various axes high into the air and catching them for all his performance things :D

Sounds nice in theory, but one doesn't just walk into one's own RAI=RAW and vice verse. Well, not in PFS.

Dodge bonuses always stack as far as I know, and what is the "source"? Because aid another specifically states that multiple aid anothers stack. I guess each character is the source? That's what I'm wondering. And does aid another circumvent the "multiple of the same source stacking" rule with its line item "multiple aid anothers stack"?

Fair enough. I was just hoping someone could find precedence to confirm or deny. That's good enough for me.

Sadly, I agree with Fom unless someone can somehow make the other interpretation make sense. I very much want it to be "always active" lol, but I can't argue with Fom's logic.

I'm assuming to gain ANY of the benefits of Gloves of Arcane Striking one must first use the swift action to activate the feat?

For example, to get the bonus from the feat when using Aid Another to give a bonus to AC to your ally, you must activate the feat with the swift action.

Well Lazar... then by that logic can you not be a Holy Vidicator if you have Alignment Channel AND Elemental Channel? The requirements say one OR the other, not "and/or". Same with Hell Knight, I guess you can't become one if your victory was witnessed by two Hell Knights because the requirement says "a". UGH!!! Poor guy who wanted to be a Souleater, sadly he learned Infernal AND Abyssal.

The requirement for a sorcerer to take DD is to have draconic bloodline. If the sorcerer has two bloodlines, and one of them is draconic then he has draconic. Does he have something else as well? Sure! But he has met the requirement.

Nice call Biz, didn't think about it that way but you are right. So, it's situational.

If you have multiple allies nearby, fight defensively to give out the +3 luck bonus, but if you are only working with one or two allies use your Standard to Aid one, Swift to Aid the other, and get ready to drop them Ops (Attacks of Ops that is)

No no no, the +27 is WITHOUT Order of the Dragon. Order of the Dragon would bump it to a +36 at base. Another +3 for every four Cav levels you have.

Don't worry, you still get your +27.

Mkay, I've looked at the other "+X to Aid Another" items.
Gloves of Arcane Striking
Honor Guard Archetype
Benevolent magical armor property

These state "increase by" and "adds to" Aid Another. So, that being said, I say Order of the Dragon is ambiguously worded and sits somewhere in between "replace" vs "on top of". I WILL agree however that replacement was probably the intention.

That being said, I won't try to swing it in my build. I guess +27 will just have to do :p

Yeah I see what you are saying, and I feel replacing was RAI, but we are talking RAW here.

Once again, +6 at level 20.

You are actually making my point even stronger with your reply cartman. Helpful gives a +4, Order gives a +3 to these items when you use Aid Another. It DOES NOT STATE it replaces. So, I could Aid Another to give a bonus to AC (or attack rolls or a skill check), then grant the bonus given by Aid Allies to any of those three or a saving throw.

RAW it is a bonus on top of, RAI, probably not. For PFS it's legal. Similar to the issue with Half-Orcs losing Darkvision to take Skilled, then losing Orc Ferocity to take Acute Darkvision. Until it was FAQ'ed it was RAW legal. They clarified of course, which until this is clarified (on top of versus replacing) Aid Allies is on top of from RAW.

Two items of precedence.
Helpful (trait) states that the +4 REPLACES the +2. The Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class ability Improved Aid states that it REPLACES the +2.
Order of the Dragon does NOT state it replaces. I feel this is enough evidence to say Order of the Dragon is on top of, not in replacement of, the effects of Aid Another.

I figured it just a mistype, but I figured I would err on the side of caution. As for Order of Dragon replacing, according to the wording it's on top of not in replacement of. If we use Helpful as a base, also the Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class ability Improved Aid specifically states it replaces.

Two items for precedence that IF it replaces, it specifically states such.

Edit: Also, Order of the Dragon starts at +3, goes to +4 at 8th, +5 at 14th, and +6 at 20th. However, with the level limitation for PFS the +4 is all you will get. So might as well take the Helpful Trait unless you plan on being an Order of the Dragon guy anyway... assuming the bonus isn't on top of. Which I think it is.

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