Old Judges Guild Material Surfacing in Large Numbers


I've got to ask about something my friends and I have been seeing in Dallas for the past month, maybe two. We are seeing large numbers of Judges Guild products for D&D and Traveller, mostly, although also for Runequest, Dragonquest, and Trolls & Tunnels. We're talking periodicals, modules, and supplements, mostly from around 1979-1980. Maybe a third of them are still wrapped in plastic. This is not just at Half Price Books, but also at least one other independent used bookstore.

There has got to be a story behind this. Is anybody seeing this anywhere outside of Dallas, Texas? Any facts? Speculation?

Wish that was around here. I loved the old Judges Guild stuff. Still have some of the City State of the Emperor. Especially loved Tegel Manor. There was a rumor a few years back that they were going to redo it in a newer edition.

Oh I can assure you it was more than a rumour.Had the Necromancer Games deal lasted you would have seen it.


I really like the old Judges Guild stuff and still have quite a few adventures - the first city state was awesome.

I also came across quite a few very new looking guild adventures a few years ago, presumably someone reprinted them at some time.


These definitely are not reprints: the staples are rusting badly on many, and the quality of the paper in their products varied, so some have aged poorly. (Like my back.) Surely there is a vast underground complex that leads to THE GROTTO OF THE GREEDY GROGNARD where the stack of JG loot laid until a party came along, slayed the Greedy Grognard, and drove in some pallet trucks and took his hoard. When they all had copies of what they wanted, they sold the rest.

Sovereign Court

Estate sale perhaps?

Several members over at Dragonsfoot have been selling tons of it. Go to the forum index and check Classifieds.

Off course the wonderful thing about JG Traveller products is that they are still completely usable 30 years on

Dark Archive

Dark Tower was one of the first adventures I played, and is right up there with Against the Giants in my fondest D&D memories.

Thieves Fortress of Badabaskor, on the other hand, made not a lick of sense...

I have the Goodman games updayes of both of those and Citadel of Fire.You're right about Badabaskor it never made sense..but then a lot of OD&D didnt.


What I suspect is that this is the former stock from a bookstore about that era, or someone's convention bookselling collection, that was stored in someone's garage and occasionally sold. The owner or the owner's heirs decided to get out of the business later and liquidated the stock, selling it back to the hobby trade. It may have also simply been mislabeled/misplaced for a number of years before coming back to light.

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