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Full Name

Richard 'Monocle wearing Dandy Roper Lord' Pett


advanced lycanthrope roper with celestial gas spore ancestry


assassin 10/ranger lord






younger than Logue thinks

Special Abilities

slay NPC horribly, VR (Vaughn Resistance) 20/tammerauts fate


neutral evil


Billie Piper


Jolly England and lots of other places although never often enough for my liking


The Queen's English



Strength 13
Dexterity 10
Constitution 4
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 0
Charisma 15

About Richard Pett

Richard still lives in the middle of a dark field on top of a hill in the middle of a whole bunch of other hills. Occasionally it is sunny. He lives with his lovely wife Alison and 3,000,087 pets and 6 deceased yet still walking chickens at Scooby Doo Towers, and from where he recently launched his successful rebuffal of the sky bleeder/colossal dire vampire chicken agents of Tim Hitchcock (who likes rubberwear).

He still likes Scotland so much he wants to live there and hankers after the smell of heather and freshly stunned haggis. He regards Ardbeg as the greatest malt whisky in the world and has difficulty not drinking too much of it in public. He calls Wolfgang Baur master whenever he meets him, which is not often enough.

The author of Crooked, which in his distended view is a very fine and disturbing novel about rats, stitched things and politicians, with lots of wriggling worms for good measure.

The winner of several ENNIES, he remains very sorry for all the pain and distress he's caused, particularly to the poor player who couldn't sleep one night because he was so desperate to kill Mister Plugg in the Wormwood Mutiny. Heh heh.

He loves working for Paizo as they are fine fellows one and all but he is still determined to get a roper only adventure published...someday.

All the monsters in every adventure he's run say 'M'nar' except the ones that have started to say 'Yarp.'