Knocked prone while flying (clashing rocks)

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I was wondering what exactly happens to a flying creature, when knocked prone.
For example a flying dragon hit by a clashing rock spell
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- according to the Gunslingers targeting ability flying creatures are falling by getting knocked prone.
and according to the falling rules
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the Dragon gets knocked prone when he crashes in the ground.
- what implies that the dragon also would get damage from his fall.
and evtually is suffering damage from the clashing rocks hitting its head.

my question now is, is there any way to avoid getting knocked prone for the dragon.
I see two possibilities - he has feather fall spell prepared or is falling long enough to get to his turn - meaning he is flying high enough that he is still falling to his next turn.
But the height the dragon would have to get to his turn while still falling is´nt stated in the falling section. - the next close thing would be the 500ft to cast a spell - what is normally a standard action.

And i was also wondering what happens to a creature which can´t be tripped when hit by the spell - does this imply the creature can´t be knocked prone - or it can get the prone condition but source therefore can´t be tripping ?

Well and i´m somewhat intrested if it is just me, who finds the no posibility to not get knocked prone by this spell a little bit harsh.

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I know I've seen rules for this somewhere, but I'm having trouble finding them. Closest I've got is the Trip Combat Maneuver, which specifically states that flying creatures are immune to trip.

I want to say that, according to RAW, flying creatures cannot be knocked prone, but I can't find the text.

Read the fly skill. There are rules that state what happens if you are struck, or clash into something. I would think that this at least qualifies for a full-bodied clash.

As far as prone while flying, I don't see why not - you still get to roll a fly check to see if you right yourself in place before going splat.

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