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The folks over at Toxic bag make gaming sound effects that are really nice. Everything from traps to cultist chants and even sci fi stuff.

Happen to own the Pathfinder version. Even if you don't like the setting that comes with Neverwhen, it has all of the mechanics and tools you need to play nearly anything in your favorite system. Steam punk, sci fi, modern day. If you liked the setting for Shadowrun or Star Wars even you can use Neverwhen to adapt the setting to a d20 system of your choice. IF you are a fan of the old spelljammer stuff that no one can get updated, this will allow you to play in one of the current systems. I have players that can be very picky about even trying new systems. They like the ideas behind different settings but the change is system seems to really bother them. As a result, I use Neverwhen and port any setting I want into the system they are willing to play.

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I would like to ask for the future that the recording the judges made be kept active until the deadline. I stumbled across the contest last night and worried about the deadline I finished and entered in only 3 hours. While this doesn't give me a likely chance of winning the fact that the advice and ground rules that the judges like to go on out side of contest criteria really screwed me over. Now that I have more time and am about to leave for work I have found in the threads that a few of the things I did in my entry were not recommended. Late comers do have less of a chance but the advice link takes you directly to the recording FIRST. If it doesn't work than those arriving late get even less of a chance than normal.

Thank you.