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Is there anything in the core rules about crafting a magic item to have a Metamagic property?

I don't see it in the chart on page 550.

Or will the item have to be a Wondrous Item?

By pure RAW, metamgic giving items (that is, items that allow you to apply metamgic to spells) only exist as special items, and those items are rods. Converting the rods to some other form (such as a ring or amulet or something) is reasonable, applying the 1.5 time cost for changing item slot. As to making wands/staves/scrolls/items of metamagicked spells, this is also possible. Just use the adjusted spell level and caster level to determine the price and whether or not it still fits into the prerequisites for the item (i.e. that the spell remains under 4th level if it is going into a wand, etc.).

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And be aware that the base level of the spell is the one used for wizards attempting to learn a spell on a scroll, but the adjusted level is the one used for everything else (such as caster level, duration, Concentration checks, and so on).

The base level of a maximized magic missile is still 1st level, while the adjusted level is 4th.

I'd say just go by the adjusted level. An item that can be used to fire a maximized fireball 1/day has the same price as an item that can be used to cast a 6th level spell 1/day.

Thanks a ton, guys!

I ran the party against a pretty tough boss fight last night which included a wizard equipped with a rod of Metamagic Quicken.

Whoo -- was that fun! For ME!!! =P

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