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Nethys wrote:

#3 is No. Jason clarified it in this thread. Shield Mastery, besides negating the two weapon fighting penalty for the Shield attack, only adds a bonus to attack and damage equal to the (base) Shield bonus. So +2 for a Heavy, or +1 for a Light, regardless of the Shield enhancement. The bonus it adds is treated as a weapon enhancement bonus as well, so if you enhanced it as a weapon while possessing this feat the two would not stack. A heavy shield enhanced as a +3 weapon would only be +1 to attack and damage better if you had Shield Master (which already provided a +2).

Also, in case you ask, Shield Focus or Greater Shield Focus do not increase the Shield's base shield bonus for the purpose of Shield Mastery, they only add to your AC.

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awesome Nethys... thanks for the summary... now I wonder if the +1 atk/dmg from the bashing shield property would stack...

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What if you counted the main hand shield as an improvised melee weapon?

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Eric Mason 37 wrote:
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:

I see. Thanks Nethys!

Basically: shield bashing, with all 5 shield bash tree feats, is the ultimate two-weapon fighting build, if taken with the bashing shield enhancement.

The advantage is that you retain your AC and free bull rush people while doing it. The disadvantage is that you can't add weapon specialization damage to it (because arguably, you will put the weapon focus/spec feats on your main hand, which CANNOT BE A SHIELD).

Neat, and well-balanced. I am impressed. So much so that I wonder if this was intentional by Paizo or if it just happened via organic development process... or if they're just lucky to have accounted for all these potential loopholes! :)

It can be pointed out that bullrushing your opponent out of reach on a full attack is not ideal.

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