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What effect, if any, does magical enhancement of weapons have on CMB and CMD?

Does my +2 whip have a +2 to make trip attacks?

Does my +3 sword resist bieng pried from my hands by someone using the disarm special manuver?

Does an item's bonus roll into CMB / CMD? It appears that it dosent but....
Looking at the RAW it seems unlikely that my cleric (whos diety's favored wpn is a whip) will ever be able to trip or disarm anything other than a drunk gnome commoner!

There's nothing to indicate that magical bonuses increase one's CMB. You could always create a magical special ability like disarming or something (+1 ability (gives +2-3 to disarm attempts).

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Good questions, it is possible that the answer is nothing, but I would hope we will get a clarifaction on using CM in unexpected conditions, no way everything could have come before.

Core Rules: Combat wrote:
When you attempt to perform a combat maneuver, make an attack roll and add your CMB in place of your normal attack bonus. Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver. The DC of this maneuver is your target's Combat Maneuver Defense. Combat maneuvers are attack rolls, so you must roll for concealment and take any other penalties that would normally apply to an attack roll.

AKA Weapon Enhancements and True Strike would apply to Maneuver Attacks.

]A creature can also add [b wrote:
any circumstance, deflection, dodge, insight, morale, profane, and sacred bonuses to AC to its CMD[/B]. Any penalties to a creature's AC also apply to its CMD. A flat-footed creature does not add its Dexterity bonus to its CMD.

A Maneuver Attack Roll is like a normal Attack Roll in EVERY WAY, except it is affected inversely by Size.

(Maneuvers also provoke AoOs even while "Armed" unless you have the appropriate Feat, the same as 3.5)
The current rules-as-written is unclear, but given a separate Feat exists for Agile Maneuvers (DEX->Maneuver Attacks), I take it the INTENT is that Weapon Finesse does NOT apply to Maneuver Attacks (even though Maneuver Attacks ARE "attack rolls" which Weapon Finesse applies to, RAW). That seems to be essentially the only difference besides Size Bonus between normal/Maneuver attacks (and AFAIK Weapon Finesse COULD well be intended to apply to Maneuvers with Finessable weapons: that's what the current RAW allow)

For CMD, it's simplest to think of it as Touch AC inversely affected by Size (no change for Medium characters) + BAB + STR. Specific Feats/Items/Effects can of course specifically effect CMD, but otherwise it's effected by everything Touch AC is (NOT Attack Bonuses). In fact, if you track "Flatfooted Touch AC" on your Character Sheet, it's probably not a bad idea to also track "Flatfooted CMD". FYI, during the Beta development period, what became CMD was called "Maneuver AC".

thanks Q. Went back for a quick re read........

for sure.
i was shocked when i read on the boards that Fighters can re-train their Bonus Feats.
how did I miss that!?? :-)

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