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Paizo Order #952712, #1120149 Shipment

I actually got Death in Delhi yesterday but in a box by itself. Thought I'd mention it.

Also, looks like I could be heading overseas soon. Is there a limit on having subscriptions on hold? I doubt it'd be too long.. just long enough to get things settled over there.

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Multi-Part answer:

  • 1) The rest of that order should have been in that box. I will get the remaining items (i.e. order 1120149) shipped out to you as soon as possible.

  • 2) We have imposed some rules on how a subscription can be suspended, as opposed to canceled. I'll just lay all the rules out here (so everyone can see):

    The first rule is that the customer will need to get all of the items delayed due to a suspension after subscription becomes unsuspended. The point of a suspension is not to skip items of a subscription, but rather to just put the shipments on hold for a bit.

    We also prefer that all of these delayed items be purchased at once. We have an automated system to put the delayed items in your next subscription shipment, but not to spread those items out over multiple shipments. Spreading them out requires that we, in Customer Service, manually go in and add each item to each shipment after it's created and before it ships. We are more than willing to do this, but it is ripe with possibilities for mistakes and highly inefficient.

    Because we would like the subscription to be brought back up to current in one shipment, we prefer that suspensions not last much longer than about 30 days. If you go too much beyond that, then the number of items will quickly become unreasonably large.

    There are two advantages of a suspension over a cancellation. First, if you have a "Charter Subscriber" tag, you get to retain it. Second, you get to pick up the missed volumes with the subscriber benefits (free PDF and a discount, where applicable). However if you are not planning on getting the missed items, then the way to go is to just cancel and resubscribe.

    As I said before, we are willing to work with you on this, so send me an email to and let me know what you want to have happen and we will come up with the best plan to get that for you in the most efficient way possible. For both of us. :)


  • Yeah, on issue 1 - I had thought they would've been together. (4.95 shipping for the book) boo...

    I can only think that the issue was the book was an older pre-order than put on hold and the others being subscription.

    Issue 3 - the new Pathfinder Companion... is it supposed to ship free for subscribers? I thought I read that somewhere... or a similar question. Just curious.

    On number 2 - I think you answered my question. I'm not a charter subscriber and tags are just.. eh... tags. But, I do value the PDFs. I have no problem getting all the missed items at one time and getting all in the subscription.

    Much like I did recently. I'll send off an email if I do need to suspend - which would only be in the case of getting my overseas job.


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    Paul Ackerman 70 wrote:

    Issue 3 - the new Pathfinder Companion... is it supposed to ship free for subscribers? I thought I read that somewhere... or a similar question. Just curious.

    The second darkness player's guide companion shipped free to AP subscribers only because it was the first one. The LOF player's guide companion is not free.

    Starting with the next path, there will be a free 2-3 page PDF with just the traits and player-safe background info, as well as the companion.

    Ahh. Thanks. That's what I thought and only thought otherwise because of some other thread I had read.

    I am really digging the free download enhancement idea though.

    Cosmo, thought I'd inform you I receieved the shipment you sent out for me yesterday.


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