Non OGL content-allowed to post?

Rise of the Runelords

Hi there,
I'm currently revamping the second half of book 3, and part of that is changing some of the ogres to prestige classes, among other things. Because I always like to share with this great messageboard community, I was wondering if I was allowed to post said customizations to various parts of the adventure, considering they take source materials from WOTC non-ogl books...does this question make sense?


Paizo seems happy to let us discuss their material on these boards.

WotC seems to be happy letting people discuss their material on their boards (on

Both of those individually make sense as they have terms of service in place and they encourage the purchase of their own products.

Mixing WotC owned material onto a Paizo board sounds a bit iffy. If all you are doing is a "hey, so and so would make an excellent schnizzel-PRC from WotC book Y", I can't see a problem with that (only referencing).

Full stat blocks with descriptions of powers - likely to be problematic (more of a problem for the descriptions of powers, since it would be a reprint of non OGL material and not authorized by the copyright holder, WotC, for use on the Paizo boards).

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