Can we see our own wondrous item critique?

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I know that once posted, you wouldn't know what would happen to your item. Now that the winners have been anounced, can we get to know what happened to our own wondrous item?

I'd like to see what was said about my item, even if it was a

"Doesn't include price. Disqualified"
"Mreh, it sucks balor's a$$",

Yet, I'd like to see if I was way off and what was thought about it.

I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one interested in that, so, would it be possible?

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Ehm... let it be known that somehow (sheer drowsiness, I assume) I looked over and over the General Discussion forum and yet didn't see the Bad Item one.

My bad.

They've already said several times "no" I do believe.

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Oddly I am less interested in this than I used to be. Sure critique by the pros would be great, but I didn't make it and I know what did. I was really curious with the Red Raven thing, but now... meh.
Now, if my writing is maturing as much as my dealing with the rejections I am getting very close. O:)
(and I can happily say that I am in the top 70 until you prove otherwise. :)

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