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Since archive browsing is down for the foreseeable future, I thought I would ask for seasoned AoW-ers to post links to their favorite threads from the Age of Worms board and the Campaign Journals board.

Stuff like Chris Wissel's tie-in with Alastor Land and the Wind Dukes, the original idea to have the iron balls actually be made of ceramic, the threads concerning the ramifications of thousands of wights in the Free City - if you thought it was an awesome thread and saved the link or can find it again, post it here. I'll do a bit of digging myself...


Erik Mona DMs Greyhawk (which has a cool mini-adventure idea on page 5 or 6)
James Jacob's creepy goth cleric, Tyralandi Scrimm
The Greyhawk Wikipedia Project courtesy of Rob Bastard
The Missing Heironean High Priest
About Lazare, and a pre-Age of Worms timeline

An excellent idea about Alastor Land courtesy of Chris Wissel - THE were-platypus
Some nice ideas about the Faceless One
Deree's Diary - Really funny.
Champion's Belt Team Names
So, Uhh, What Happens if They Fail Did someone say 20,000 wights?

Minis for the Age of Worms
On Iron Balls Not the original thread, but it contains links
AoW Prelude - The Mine Office Side Trek
Some Errata for the Whispering Cairn

Jeremy Walker's disturbed dragonblooded halfling, Demon Boy

Peter Fuesz' most excellent ideas for Blackwall Keep

Great idea TK, thanks for the energy.

I and many other Eberron fans found a lot of useful material in

Expanded Eberron Conversions

There are a smattering of other good Eberron-related threads for AoW if you search, but I think this is one of the longer-running ones.

More brilliant foreshadowing/bloodline ideas from Chris Wissel can be found here;


And thanks Thanis, I've found the threads listed here most helpful.

Yep. I wish there were a way that some threads could be sticky.

There have been several new DMs posting lately, so I thought I'd give this excellent compilation thread a *bump*.

We need to add some more stuff to it too. Some of those Dragotha and Kyuss discussion threads. Hmmm. I'll be back linking in a bit, when I have more time.

Some good suggestions for "fixing" 3FoE
AoW Wikipedia Timeline
Dragonchess as a skill (with a nice ruleset for the game)

Offbeat and disgusting ways to bring Zeech's chefs into your home.

One of several excellent discussions about Dragotha and high level play.

Another Dragotha discussion. Also excellent.

Final battle with Super-Kyuss and subsequent discussion.

I'm currently looking through all of the HOHR threads, but there are so many and so many good ones, it's hard to just pick a couple. I'll try to synthesize some more.

Note: Not all of the above discussions were archived at the time of this post, so you may need to add "/archive/" in the url before the title of the thread if you're viewing this in some distant future.

Sovereign Court

Check out Age of Worms DM-Created Resources

TPK Jay also had awesome ideas about the trip from Diamond Lake to Greyhawk.

I've Got Reach's Monologue for Theldrick.

The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out limerick

Rob Bastard's post about the Greyhawk Wiki project. aProject

Can we have this thread made into a sticky?

Liberty's Edge

Three Faces of Evil has had a lot of great "corrective" threads that have added a lot of good material to help with PC/antagonist motivations. These are a couple of my favourites...yeah I'm biased.

How to spin the PCs slaughter in the three temples to be the Faceless One's real intention.

Make Balabar Smenk the crafty business man scared for his life rather than "the bad guy".

TFoE corrections:

Hagen's Greyhawk & Cairn Hills Gazetteer azetteer

Hagen's Age of Worms/Greyhawk PC Timeline Timeline

Looked for a post about Paizo publishing AoW in hardcover. Anyone know a plan?

Sovereign Court

This is great. I've just started AoW and searching for these old threads can be a bit of a bother (although having a search option on these boards makes that easier). I hope this gets stickied.

Sand_Elf: That topic has been done to death, and doesn't really belong in a best of thread. This is a resource for DMs running the game. Also, I would think it's fairly obvious that since WotC has yanked the licence for Dragon and Dungeon if there were going to be a hard cover any time soon, Paizo would have announced it. One the mags run there course, that's all for that material from Paizo. if you want a hard cover, you'll have to ask WotC.

Wasn't there a thread talking about turning the three temples into three seperate locations? It's only a vague memory, but it stuck in my head as being a cool alternative to having to deal with the illogic of allowing the party to go one wing at a time with no involvement from the other Triad leaders.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

The mini adventure with the guards in Blackwall.

Sovereign Court

Check out Mipf's Free City Arena overlaid maps.

And the new link for the arena, since the old one broke.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
And the new link for the arena, since the old one broke.

your name should be "kobold necromancer."

Scarab Sages

Why are all these links broken? I just about start running this for a group and all the links everyone says are awesome are broked.

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It's because the Paizo messageboards have stopped using the "archives" area, where old posts used to go. To make the links work, copy the link location and delete the "/archives" bit before tryng to access it.

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