Anyone using Fantastic Locations in their AoW?

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I just got the third set of Fantastic locations and they look incredibly sexy. I've been itching to work them into my AoW games but as of yet haven't done so. Any one else find a good place to use one?

I figure I can turn some of the "boss" fight areas into the maps for a special occasion battle. So far we are in Sodden Hold and theres been no wide open areas beyond blackwall keep. Which we of course had already completed before the nice ruined keep maps came out. :(

Eventually the PC's have a chance to get a fragment of the rod of seven parts, and a group of interested devils comes to 'relieve' them of their prize by force. If the devils had succeeded in my game I would have used the opportunity to send the players into Hellspike Prison to get it back before the devils could turn it over to their master. Alas, the party prevailed and I had to put my beautiful maps away for another day.


'Fantastic Locations' are outrageously good - use them all!:)

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Richard Pett wrote:
'Fantastic Locations' are outrageously good - use them all!:)

I'm sure with a little nudging they could be made into cross platform maps. They could give the design to Paizo to work into adventures or vice versa.

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In my just-started AOW campaign, I'm planning to use Hellspike prison in one of the side quests.
One of the players (my RL fiancee) likes to write up her character's family, so I'm planning to have the Devil with the six -segment of the rod kidnap/capture her paladin father. The Devil would have the idea of trading the father for the segment. To show that he has the father, he'd 'return' the character's battered mother. Of course, I expect the players would track down the Hellspike prison, rather than hand over the rod <grin />

That won't happen until mage point, though. It will be fun, I think....

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