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For years you have been a follower in a sinister conspiracy dedicated to burning the noble nation of Talingarde to the ground. For years you have accepted their missions and done as you were told. For years you have been a MINION. ... That changes today. Today you seize your destiny. Today you...

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Go Beyond the Adventure Path and enter the Realm of Dreams! ... Hundreds of teams enter. One team leaves! Can your team survive the Chimeric Amphitheater? Navigate among manipulative benefactors, violent rivals, vengeful trainers and the mysterious Khan of Nightmares who rules all. ... Coliseum...

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An interplanetary adventure for 16th-level characters. ... For millennia, a complex plot has brewed in a demonic jungle on the surface of the moon—a plan by the patient and sinister succubi of the Moonscar to kidnap and brainwash the people of Golarion. Now a long-dormant portal linking the moon...

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Rise of the Drow: The Commander of Malice is a D&D 3.5 and Pathnder Roleplaying Game compatible adventure that takes four to six 16th-18th level PCs to 20th level. ... This adventure may be used either as a high-level standalone or a conclusion to the Rise of the Drow trilogy (available...