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“I am the biggest gun!”

Climb into the Praetor or Vindicator Class Kaiju-Hunter mecha and take the battle to the stars.

Mecha—A Field Guide introduces two new mecha along with all the rules for operating, customising, and combat with these iron giants, all fully compatible with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Three powered armor suits, new weapons, and armor upgrades expand your ironclad arsenal.

- Suit Up!
- Mecha Types
- Using Powered Armor
- Using Mecha
- Powered Armor and Mecha Descriptions
- Mecha Crew Roles
- Mecha Wielding Weapons
- Scaling Combat
- Mecha Space Battles
- HALO Infiltrator
- Mage Frame
- Spellbind Armor
- Praetor
- Vindicator Class Kaiju-Hunter
- Mecha Weapons
- Mecha Equipment
- Armor Upgrades

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I didn't like how the authors dealt with weapons.

The whole point of having mechs is scalability and reliability. In my opinion, mechs should have weapon power drained from the mech itself, regular ammunition should be stored inside the mech and auto-loaded to the weapons, instead of using magazines, and, most importantly, mech weapons should be a cheap way to do shitloads of damage, as you require a mech to actually operate the weapon. Mech weapons should have a fixed size and each size should be more cost-effective for damage than smaller weapons, as macro tech is cheaper than micro tech.

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