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Blood! It flows through each of us, but could you spend yours to achieve great things? ... Grit! The perseverance to endure. The true mark of a hero. ... Will you brave the weird horrors of a dark world? ... Will you push back with the might of your sword arm? ... Greatness is reserved for those...

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Greatness Awaits! ... Bullet: The Special Forces Role-Playing System and Setting Guideline Manual is your all-access pass to fast-paced, action-packed Special Forces adventure. ... Bullet's focused d6 system—created by Basil Koufos, creator of Might—encourages narrative style play with a strong...

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Hot-Blooded Dramatic Roleplay ... Camp Karate is a game about conflict. It’s a game about passion. It's a game about friendship, adversity, and overcoming the odds. It’s a game about bullying, about justice, about being kicked to the ground and getting back up again. It’s about being a kid, a...

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Ever sit in a gaming session and find that other players didn’t quite get the description of your character? ... Did you ever have an image in mind that you just couldn’t get across in words or in drawings? ... Perhaps you have children, and you’d like to introduce them to...

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Insanity Below ... In the deep darkness below the earth, there is only Claustrophobia! ... Grab your pointy hat and say goodbye to the daisies, it's time to embark on a perilous subterranean journey as a brave — or suicidal — garden gnome. ... Face grueling challenges and unique...

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A Dinner to Die For is your guide to playing a game of How to Plan a Murder, the deliciously intriguing murder mystery dinner game. ... The booklet explains the format of the game, the presentation of your character, and the rules of play. ... A printer-friendly copy, which excludes images, is...

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Deliciously Intriguing…How to Plan a Murder is your complete guide to planning and hosting a murder mystery dinner. ... Secrets and dark ambition connect each character in a deadly web of intrigue. As the night progresses, who’ll fall foul of those deadly plot hooks? Can your guests unravel the...

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Create the heroes you want to play! ... Might is an all-in-one fantasy roleplaying game without restrictive character class and race constraints. The rules within help you create the heroes you want to play and the fantasy world you want to explore.  ... With a focus on role-playing, rather...

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A Dark Night For Russia ... In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian government decommissioned several publicly hidden research facilities devoted to arcane science, chief among them, PERM Laboratory 37. Recently, due to several strange energy emissions, the location...

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Your Greatest Tale ... Three Stone Stories is a solo narrative role-playing game where you’re the Storyteller. Tell heroic tales using your own imagination, these rules, and three regular six-sided dice. ... Roll the Stones, ... Determine the Will of the Dice, ... Choose your Destiny. ... It’s...