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While sane necromancers are few and far between, creativity is never lacking in the dark arts. From stitched together messes to beautifully sewn works of art, each serves a purpose within its creators research and designs. Warriors, servants, shambling monstrosities to guard your lairs, the Arte Mortis is a system designed to let players and game masters alike build their own customized undead beasts with as much or little specialization as you like. Entertain your group with your foul creations, horrify your enemies with the more dangerous ones, with this extended version of the Necrocraft ruleset your twisted imagination is the limit.

  • A new mechanics system to allow the creation of customized corporeal undead.
  • Quick notes for creating undead in the heat of battle, without driving the rest of your group mad.
  • New spells and feats for necromancers, allowing specialist necromancers who focus in one area, or bolstering the abilities of your minions.

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Now available (and welcome Rank & File Games)!

This is a fantastic addition, and what Necrocrafts should have always been. Every necromancer needs this!

Well this has certainly caught my attention.

I see it includes spells, how much of this book would be useful for a necromancer from a different subsystem, like say spheres of power or wordcasting?

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

A bit disappointed as there is no "advice" in the book however it is very detailed and helpful!

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