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This is headgear a goblin would approve of! Wear to keep warm, to add a little more roleplaying to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or show off your ears at a convention!

Materials: Anti-pill fleece.

Note: This product is handmade, and natural color variations will occur!

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Average product rating:

5.00/5 (based on 5 ratings)

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Keeps small humanoid heads warm!


As a small humanoid, it's tough to keep warm, and this hat will fix that challenge. However, unlike the creature it's based on, you won't get your stealth bonuses - people will definitely notice you and compliment you on your goblin hat. A bonus, though, is that the hat is so cute (and you'll look so totes adorbs in it) that you won't suffer the usual goblin-based penalties to your charisma!

Great Hats from a Great Seamstress!


Our family has four of Jodi's hats. They are very well constructed and very, very comfy. You are sure to love them as well!

Awesome Hat


I actually feel like a Goblin when I put on this hat. If that doesn't warrant a five star review, I don't know what does. But you can also add that it feels very comfortable and that everyone that has seen me wearing it wants one now. I love this hat!

Go Go Goblin Hats!


My whole family has these. They are the ONLY hats our 18 month old twins will allow on their heads.

Nice and soft! Great for keeping for warm and standing out at PaizoCon and other conventions.

It's the ears

I was fortunate enough to get a personalized Goblin Hat at Paizocon 2012, and I wore it around the convention and brought it home wherein my lovely wife thanked me for bringing "her" hat home for her.
It comes out every time it gets cold out here on the east coast and people always stop her and tell her how cute/fun/cool/different (in a good way) the hat is.
They're just awesome

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this needs to be a thing again!

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badtertle wrote:
this needs to be a thing again!

Soon, my friend! :o)

I wear a uniform at work, so I cannot wear a Tshirt with a brand on it. But I can wear a branded baseball cap with my uniform. We need a high quality pathfinder baseball cap.

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