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It's the ears

I was fortunate enough to get a personalized Goblin Hat at Paizocon 2012, and I wore it around the convention and brought it home wherein my lovely wife thanked me for bringing "her" hat home for her.
It comes out every time it gets cold out here on the east coast and people always stop her and tell her how cute/fun/cool/different (in a good way) the hat is.
They're just awesome

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I've followed the new rules for the Pathfinder system through the Alpha and Beta versions, printing out several versions with "borrowed toner" from my office. I really love the final version of this book especially since you can trace the evolution of the revisions based on the interaction with the game-testing community. The layout is familiar, but with new innovations that make the content seem new. Also, I think that the captions between chapters suck you into the dynamic of the iconic characters.
Also, on a personal note, the choice to go to a 4th edition when there was still so much to enjoy in 3.5 made me angry. Seeing just how well Paizo kept the 3.5 rules alive with only relatively minor modification makes me feel like I wasn't alone in wanting 3.5 to live on.
I am SO grateful for this book and this system.