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Great Hats from a Great Seamstress!


Our family has four of Jodi's hats. They are very well constructed and very, very comfy. You are sure to love them as well!

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A big book made of awesome


Yes. You've seen most of this before. But, until now, you had to convert oll of the awesome beasties to PFRPG. No more.

818 pages of critters from the interesting to the epic. Anyone writing campaigns for PFRPG needs it on their shelf next to Bestiary 1, 2 (and soon 3).

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Outstanding resource! Clever critters.


I snatched up a preview copy at PaizoCon. Adam "Monster Man" Daigle and Mike Welham have produced an amazing resource. From Tiny to Large, there are drakes to fit every campaign niche. And, if you cannot find one that fits, there are rules to build your own. The player class resources (companion rules, spells, feats) are excellent as well.

What is your favorite drake? Mine is the "alehouse drake"!

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Great Resource for All


I just picked this up at #PaizoCon. It is an excellent source of interesting feats for players & GMs alike. But, my favorite part of the book is all of the commentary, both on the feats and in the sidebars. People looking to transition to professional game design should own this book.

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A well thought out product ...


I got to see a pre-release of this at GenCon. It is really well thought out and has clean design and production value. If you need a character folio, this is the one to get!

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My favorite ... still


I've run a lot of PFS mods so far and this one remains my favorite! The climax, if done well is both a threat AND a hoot! If you plan to run it, please check out the boards for some cool ideas of how to stage the climax.

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Everything I hoped for & more ...


The easy complaint here is ... "Haven't I seen most of these monsters somewhere else before?" The answer is ... "Yes, but not like this!"

As always, Paizo hits it out of the park with their art direction and production value. The book is a visual stunner. Each illustration is familiar, but uniquely Pathfinder/Paizo. Information design is excellent, which is one of my major quibbles with other creature collections.

But what about game play? Isn't this just a collection of mildly changed stat blocks? Nope.

Like the Pathfinder RPG itself, each monster is reworked to fit the improved OGL d20 ruleset. Broken monsters get fixed and monster creation & advancement are greatly improved.

I am already looking forward to Bestiary 2!