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New Third-Party Starfinder and Pathfinder Compatible Products Available!

From Valkyries to Autonomous AI, we've got a great batch of new Third-Party Pathfinder and Starfinder Compatible Products available!

First up is a collection of ready-to-go adventures full of magic and horror from Kobold Press. Eldritch Lairs brings you eight complete Pathfinder Compatible adventures for 4th to 8th level player characters, set in the magic-blasted wastes, as well as dungeons and deserts. Take them into the dark depths of the earth, through the twisted alleys of a supernaturally plague stricken town, and beyond, to brave the dangers of:

  • A trap-laden lair that requires stealth and clever tactics to survive!
  • A labyrinthine mausoleum, where wormhearted invaders sow chaos and madness among the dead!
  • The schemes of a demon-cult of thieves and unscrupulous wizards!
  • An unstable magical artifact built in a ruined ley line conduit!
  • A flying palace seized by an army of gnoll bandits!

Next, we have the latest offering from Jon Brazer Enterprises. Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness is an expansion for playing an amazing race with a new class. This 45-page supplement also features:

  • 76 new character archetypes and class options for 14 races, designed specifically for the kineticist, medium, mesmerist, occultist, psychic, shifter, spiritualist, and vigilante classes for the android, catfolk, changeling, dhampir, elan, lizardfolk, merfolk, samsaran, sashahar, skinwalker, tengu, umbral kobold, wyrwood, and wyvaran races
  • 112 new favored class options and nine new feats, bringing out the races' natural abilities for each of these new classes
  • New imagination fuel to create new heroes for your campaign world

Rite Publishing has released In The Company of Valkyries, which introduces the culture of those who choose from the slain. A discussion of the origins of these immortal warriors, and a look into their traditions and rituals, provides a new option for your players who want to belong to a sacred and mysterious sisterhood.

And last, but certainly not least, Stroh Hammer has released the latest book in its Gravity Age series. Gravity Age: Autonomous Artificial Intelligence includes rules for playing robot AAI characters (biodroids, bioreplicas, and mechanoids). Players will be able to create robot characters without the limitations of biological components. Game Masters will be able to challenge their players with crazy AAIs straight out of science fiction horror. This accessory contains new material covering:

  • Four new playable technical constructs
  • 100+ robotic accessories
  • 20+ robotic feats
  • Seven new AAI NPCs for your campaign

We've also got other great new releases from Atlas Games, Expeditious Retreat Press, Ennead Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Legendary Games, Little Red Goblin Games, Mystical Throne Entertainment, Necromancers of the Northwest, Raging Swan Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Wayward Rogues Publishing!

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Jon Brazer Enterprises

Thank you for mentioning the Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness . This book features class options and archetypes for 8 great classes for 14 different races.

Liberty's Edge

Awesome to see Eldritch Lairs spotlighted!

It's really a cool collection - the maps are awesome and the lairs that accompany the maps are very cool as well!

Hope everyone picks it up!

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