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Expeditious Retreat Press


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Rolled into a yard-tall, ivory scroll tube, the worn charcoal rubbing of a massive map etched into an ancient monolith hints that travel between worlds was once commonplace. More enticingly, the map pin-points the entrance to the eldritch pathway - and the location of an ancient and legendary dungeon known as the Halls of Lidless Shabbath! The Halls are the home of the evil sorceress Shabbath, famed for having researched and created many new and unique spells and magic items, as well as possessing fantastic treasures of gold and jewels. Little about the contents of the Halls themselves is known, save that Shabbath is rumored still to be alive, and are reputedly haunted by demons and guarded by a large warband of trolls. The Halls of Lidless Shabbath is an Advanced Adventure for 6-10 brave adventurers of Levels 12-15.

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