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New Third-Party Pathfinder and Starfinder Products Available!

It's that time again—a new batch of Pathfinder Compatible and Starfinder Compatible third-party products are now available!

We kick things off with a new Pathfinder Compatible product from Rite Publishing. The Pathways Bestiary collects the first 60 templates from Pathways magazine, updating and revising them, and presenting them along with sample stat blocks. Each with guidance on how the creatures can be worked into an adventure, a full stat block of a creature made new with the template's rules, and all the custom art needed to bring the creations to live.

Next, Necromancers of the Northwest have released two new products in its Weekly Wonders line, with Archetypes of Intrigue Volume II, Gentry and Archetypes of Intrigue Volume III, Bodyguards. Intrigue is a staple of the fantasy genre, and many players and GMs are drawn to the idea of a grand campaign of political intrigue. Each installment of Archetypes of Intrigue presents six new archetypes tied to a particular role common in intrigue adventures.

On the Starfinder Compatible front, Happy Gnome Publishing has released Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity, Vol. 1. Unlike most RPGs which set up PCs to achieve great heroic victories over threats to the very existence of the world, Redshirts is more a game of survival—as in can the PCs survive the ridiculous orders of the command crew?

Redshirts plays like a combination of a roleplaying game and an improv comedy routine (always say "yes"), as the PCs run the crew's most dangerous errands. Vol. 1 encompasses the first three "missions" and will take PCs from level 1 to level 3. Redshirts introduces 8 new playable races, and dozens on original NPCS and monsters to kill your players with over and over again.

TPK Games has released two new products in its Spell Cards line of products, with Mystic Spell Deck II: 4th-6th Levels and Technomancer Spell Deck II: 4th-6th Levels. Spell decks allow players to easily reference their class spells and even manage their spell slots with visual representation— which also have the full spell text and mechanics within—negating the need to hunt down rules text.

And remember—the Winter Blast Sale from DragonWing Games—which takes 50% off all of its PDFs—is running through February 18th!

We've also got other great new releases from Avalon Game Company, Publishing, Drop Dead Studios, Ennead Games, Legendary Games, Misfit Studios, paNik Productions, Rogue Genius Games, Rising Phoenix Games, and Zenith Games!

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