Pathfinder Battles: Impossible Lands - Heroes and Villains Boxed Set

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Pathfinder Battles: Impossible Lands - Heroes and Villains includes 8 all-new miniatures representing an exciting array of creatures from Pathfinder’s Impossible Lands setting!

Creatures featured in this set include:

  • Vishkanya Infiltrator
  • Shield Marshal
  • Student of Perfection
  • Oread Guard
  • Suli Dune Dancer
  • Sylph Sneak
  • Vanara Disciple
  • Ghoran Manipulator

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Note: Impossible Lands Boxed Sets are not included in the Pathfinder Battles subscription.

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Check out the fourth of six new box sets that support the upcoming release of Impossible Lands this November: Pathfinder Battles: Impossible Lands – Heroes and Villains. Creatures featured in this set showcase a variety of great PC and NPC options which include the Ghoran Manipulator, Oread Guard, Shield Marshal, Student of Perfection, Suli Dune Dancer, Sylph Sneak, Vanara Disciple, and Vishkanya Infiltrator. These figures present a rich diversity of characters that highlight the history, cohesion, and discord found across Golarion. Ranging from plant people who started as a source of food but evolved into sentience, to geniekin who have peculiar ties to their heritage and to the Elemental Planes, you can use these figures to add a variety of meaning, purpose, connection, and conflict to your encounters.

Read a little more about the lore behind each of these figures here.

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