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Robot Overview Generator

Artificial entities are as varied as organic ones...

Robots are a popular feature found in many works, particularly in science-fiction and modern/near-modern settings. They are as varied as their creators, in many ways more so, not restrained by the limitations of organic matter. Ranging from microscopic medical-based machines to large constructors of other artificial life. Some of the more advanced ones can even go beyond their original programming and think for themselves.

This publication is designed to give you, or more correctly randomly generate, an overview of robotic entities, a place to start building your creations and maybe fill in the gaps if you get stuck on one particular aspect of your artificial lifeform.

Note from the authorWhilst this publication is called “Robot Over Generator”, it can be used for Artificial intelligence, drones and other machine-based life as appropriate.

Inside you will find tables that help with...

  • A.I awareness and personality
  • Comms
  • Condition
  • Defence
  • Form/Shape
  • Limbs
  • Movement
  • Function Examples
  • Misc Systems
  • Offence
  • Power
  • Size
  • Style
  • Tools
  • Quirk/Features


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