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Kill Things, Gain Their Powers. It's That Simple.

Azure mages are masters of magical mimicry. They draw the essence of creatures from their bodies and, through hard-learned magical spells, distill that essence and use it to empower themselves. The essence of a creature has a short half-life once drawn out and is proportional to the power of the creature they have copied, so their power is at its maximum when facing strong enemies in the heat of the moment.

The art is an aristocratic one that is as much science as it is praxis. Studying not only magic but being exposed to a large number of exotic animal specimens is not a path often walked by the poor and as such, only those who walk in the rarefied heights of the upper class have the privilege of dedicating themselves to the study.


  • The Azure Mage Base Class for Pathfinder 1st Edition.
  • 8 "Azure Ways": Powerful class features you get only 3 of (5th, 13th, and 20th level) that dramatically change your combat role based on what you want to focus on. One Azure Mage could end up permanently having dragon powers, another buffs themselves with their ally's abilities, and yet another could end up as a front line combatant.
  • 20 Forms: The crux of this class is that when you kill something (or later study it) you can take on a "form". These forms are broad archetypes that represent creature type and combat role and you (with your GM's permission) get to select which the creature most represented. You have access to all of them off the bat and they are all super simple templates to add on the fly (some immunities, a bonus or two— no stat adjustments). Easy, clean, fast, and fun.
  • Favored Class Benefits for 8 Races: 3 core races, 2 other Paizo races, and 3 Little Red races

-Page Count: 13 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 10 content)
-PDF Optimized

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