Pathfinder Society Quest #3: Grehunde's Gorget

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A Pathfinder Society Quest designed for levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).

Venture-Captain Bjersig Torrsen calls the PCs north to the town of Iceferry in the frigid Land of the Linnorm Kings. There, Bjersig informs the Pathfinders that he has a request from the family of a storied and long-dead Linnorm King. The family's patriarch, the warrior Hlavard Grenskuldr, appears to have perished in a shipwreck while wearing the family's heirloom, the gorget of the Linnorm King Grehunde the Sunchaser. For one hundred generations the family has passed this heirloom down from parent to child, until Hlavard sought to wear it on a journey to Valenhall as Grehunde herself had intended to do before perishing with the task unfinished. Unwilling to leave the relic to rust away in a watery grave, Hlavard's family has requested the Pathfinder Society's assistance in locating the shipwreck and retrieving the family treasure.

Written by Kate Baker.

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Average product rating:

3.50/5 (based on 6 ratings)

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Forgettable adventure


I literally just played this and remember nothing about it.

Kikji’s Journal, Chapter 1


Kikji’s diary journal, chapter one.

The tale of the great Gorget of Grehunde!
This was Kikji’s my first assignment as a real Pathfinder agent!
The higher ups were clearly not very confident in my capabilities, because all the other agents in my team were much more aged expepep experienced!
I’ll be honest, they were right.
As it was my first field mission, I realized that all my experience reading books and editing reports was... not very useful here. This was sadly a very short mission, but preparations were easy, and I learned a lot on what I could expect from field missions. I’ll need to brooden broaden my knowledges even more, and get better in real fights. I was lucky I had other agents to protect me, but it won’t always be true!

Toilday, 26 Desnus 4720 AR, Kikji.
This is an in character review. I liked it when I played it, even if my character was not adapted to it, and didn’t get to contribute. Was an interesting introduction to quests, and forged my expectations going into the other quests I played.
I realized after playing others and reading the actual quest, that the lack of role playing opportunities that I experienced was mainly a result of the people I played with, my inexperience with PFS, and my inexperience playing such a short quest.

A miss for me


I really like the lore behind Grehunde's Gorget and the tie in Tarnbreaker's Trail, which makes it hard to give this a poor rating.

It could easily just be a 3-star, but when presenting it as a quest it feels a bit anticlimactic. The players are expecting something crazy, but you sort of just... take damage or don't when retriving the macguffin.

A little re-write and this could be great, so it's got an alright core.

Great short quest, good intro for new PF2 players


I GM'd two Quests back to back yesterday. This was one of them. The group was five players, including four brand new Pathfinder 2 players - one of those had never played any RPGs before.

This Quest was simple to set up and play. The themes and storyline were compelling and direct enough that everyone kept focused and understood what the goal was.

The skill checks and structure made it easy to teach four brand-new PF2 players as we went. Everyone had fun, and the new players got moments to individually shine. We used the Iconic Pre-Gens. One more experienced player said that character creation and upkeep seemed really involved in PF2, but the system itself is intuitive and easy to learn.

I also enjoyed it as a GM. It took about 50 minutes to run the whole quest. After I finished both short Quests, several players wanted to keep going. Running this and Quest #6 took about 2.5 hours total, with a break between and some hanging out beforehand.

A very well structured quest


The scenario is mostly about a reasonably challenging fight at the end. But the fight was integrated into and with interesting checks and NPCs along the way, which meant that the fight was part of the story, rather than being only a tactical encounter.

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Can't wait to play it! Go Kate!

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An underwater adventure by Kate Baker? Never would have expected that! :-)

I do look forward to this one.


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numbat1 wrote:
An underwater adventure by Kate Baker? Never would have expected that! :-)

Ha ha, right?

And thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

Horizon Hunters

Wait, where’s Quest #2 go? Did I miss it?

Nevermind...I found it. Can’t believe I missed it! I love the quests!

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Ahh Kate Baker to strike again!!! Can you not stop writing content that I love and enjoy!!

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Would love to know which map(s) are used, when possible!

Paizo Employee Organized Play Lead Developer

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It uses Flip Mat Classics: Pirate Ship.


Thanks, Oriklad, I hope you like this one too!

Oh my:
A indirect sequel module to We Be Heroes? I see.

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Are quests planned to come out once a month?

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

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mizinamo wrote:
Are quests planned to come out once a month?

Yes, at least through the end of this season. What happens after that is yet to be determined.

Liberty's Edge

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Another quest that is not repeatable?

Grand Lodge

In the Report Section for PFS it states, that it is replayable. Please fix.

Liberty's Edge

@Kate Baker: Is the size right for the

young sea serpents
? If a full grown one is Gargantuan, shouldn't a young one be at least Medium sized?

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