Weekly Wonders: Giant Treasures (PFRPG) PDF

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Giants Among Treasure!

Giants have the best treasure. This has been true pretty much ever since Jack and the Beanstalk, and even today, giant treasure gets special attention, with detailed information on what kinds of odd and exciting things one might find inside a giant's bag. Of course, some giants have more exciting treasures than others, and no one really expects anything nice to come out of a hill giant's bag, but what can you do to add a little extra spice to the loot piles of your giants?

This book contains eighteen new magic items, a mix of wondrous items and weapons, all of which are thematically linked to giants in some way. Whether you're looking for some exciting giant-themed gear to add to the next oversized foe you throw before your party, you want an exciting and unusual wondrous item as a centerpiece to your treasure hoard, or you're a player who's looking for new and exciting magic items, you'll find it all in here.

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