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Tome of Wicked Things Redux is all about antipaladins and other evil player characters. Included in this vile tome:

Playing An Evil Character: How to play an evil character in such a way that your party doesn’t behead you is a difficult task. We’ve laid out some rules (a sort of “contract”) that allows an evil character to function within an otherwise good party. This can be helpful to GMs who want to allow an antipaladin (or an otherwise evil character) into a party but has reservations due to the roleplaying implications.
Lawful Antipaladins: We include rules for converting chaotic antipaladins to a lawful alignment, allowing them to play “nicer” with good party members.
Antipaladin Alternate Racial Traits: 9 new racial favored class bonuses for antipaladins!

Antipaladin Archetypes
Black Knight: Less of a “demonic paladin” and more of a “evil cavalier”.
Bravo: A knave who blends elements of a rogue with an antipaladin.
Dark Angel: A good aligned antipaladin archetype that uses evil to fight evil... at a cost.
Disciple of Discord: An anarchistic antipaladin rather than a strictly evil one.
Infernal Champion: An evil chaplin with 6 level spellcasting (like a bard).
Warbound Berserker: An antipaladin who literally goes into an uncontrolled rage (limited character control) when possessed by a demonic spirit.
Wrath Reaper: A true “death knight” in that they have a deep connection to the underworld and slowly become an undead themselves.

Dark Masters: we introduce pacts and loyalties as a mechanic for feat selection.
11 New “vassal” feats to help you better be connected to your dark patron.

The Psychopath Base Class
A psychopath is a psychologically obsessive serial killer with a knack for never getting caught. They are fiercely intelligent, predatory, and adept at utilizing fear effects to disable their prey.

The Torturer Base Class (Designer Spotlight)
This base class is a wicked character with a whip (or other torture implements) who can inflict status effects based on the damage they cause.
Designed by Sasha Hall

Page Count: 33 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 30 content)
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Showcase Designer: Sasha Hall

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