Pathfinder Battles—Skull & Shackles: Daughter of Imerta

2.70/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Hoist the black flag and set sail on deadly seas!

The scallywags, buccaneers, and beasts of the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Skull & Shackles campaign burst onto your game table in a blast of cannon fire and brimstone! This brand new set of Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic figures features 55 all-new sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art in Paizo’s Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

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Average product rating:

2.70/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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It is too big and with the tall clear peg it is too high. The sculpt and paint job are great though. You'll want a couple of these if you are running the Skull and Shackles adventure path. Otherwise, not.

Why did you have to....


This is one of my most favorite miniatures so far in the whole line, but I hate her as well. The clear peg has broken, counting today, three times in three different places. I can't seem to keep her on the stand. Why couldn't she have been standing like you did so many of the succubi for example. Now she has a frosted pole going up her rear. Just ruins what is, IMO, one of the best figures in the whole line.

Great miniature with a few slip-ups


Overall It is certainly a fine looking miniature. The details were well painted except for two instances on my figure. The mace has red paint from its hands on the handle, and the golden paint used on the horns bled on back of its head. Both of these errors don't detract from the appearance too much so I will only take off one star.

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