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What In The World Are Apeiron (pronounced a-pay-ron) Staves?

Simply put, they are to spellcasters what a magic sword is to a fighter. They are weapons of war used by the magically inclined to blast away that which ails them. Where the swordmaster passes down his blade to his favorite student, so too does the master wizard pass his apeiron stave down to his star apprentice.

Apeiron staves are magical implements whose most basic function can be used without draining their magical reserves. While they are staff shaped, are magical, and have charges, that is where the comparison between an apeiron staff and a regular magical staff ends. Apeiron staves do not cast spells, but rather offer a number of augmentations to their basic effect. These augmentations do drain a separate reservoir, but even when this pool is empty, the apeiron staff can still be activated to use its basic effect.

Thanks! Now That I Know What They Are, Tell Me Why I Need An Apeiron Staff?

In the core rules, staves are treated as “spells-in-a-can” – a delivery mechanism for a specific number of abilities the user likely already possesses. Yes, they let you create impressive effects, but at the end of the day they are simply a different way to cast a spell. We already have potions, wands, scrolls, and a multitude of command-word items to do this. Why should the vast majority of magic item categories simply be different ways to cast a spell? That’s where apeiron staves come in.

While most apeiron staves are offensively oriented, a fair number also exist to assist your allies. No longer shall a support character be faced with the question of what to do on some rounds. They can help give orders to their allies, boost their offensive capabilities, lift the burdens ailing their compatriots, and much more.

Cool! Last Thing... Apeiron Is A Crazy-Weird Word, Did You Just Make It Up?

Nope. The word apeiron is Ancient Greek for “infinite” or “unlimited”, or more literally “without limit” or “without end”. Perhaps its most famous user was the 6th century B.C. Greek natural philosopher Anaximander, which he used in his response to the Pre-Socratic natural philosophers of his age who were debating which element, Earth, Wind, Air, or Fire, was the basis of reality. Anaximander proposed that the basis of reality was actually the apeiron, or the infinite, and attributed a divine-like aspect to it. And so, much like how these staves create magic, he proposed that the universe was itself a creation of the apeiron. And that's why we think the name “apeiron staves” is appropriate for a type of magical staff that can continuously create a basic magic effect.

Besides, it just sound cool when you can have your character say "Fear not this savage horde my friends, now that we have recovered my Apeiron Staff of the Spectral Hero, a mighty champion of legendary Mar'Kan shall fight with us this day!"

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4.50/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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Awesome, but I would like to see more.


I love, love this product and I am already incorporating these items into my campaign. The only item that I would like to see improved upon is the selection of more staves,for example: a stave for each school of magic, a stave for the lighting and earth elements, crazy idea here: a stave that has dual elements and abilities that utilize both(I plan on creating my own and testing out if I have time for my home game), a template on how to create my own themed staves. I love this product, I just wish I could see more. Hopefully there will be more of these staves to see. Thank you Super Genius, you guys make this game even more fun.

Monkey Metal?


In the spirit of total transparency I work with doing several things, not the least of which being their layout monkey. I also do reviews for primarily 3PPs, as I am a fan of the 3PP community. This PDF was supplied to me by Super Genius Games for review purposes.

Alright then. Let's get to this, shall we? Monkey, that's not right. OK, so this one has a title that is going to send a great deal of us to Google wondering about that title, right? Nope, Will McCardell handles that right here, in the cover intro. Pronounced a-pay-ron refers to an ancient Greek term, meaning without limit. So, what does that mean for you and I right? It means that someone has finally found a way to balance and fix one of my biggest problem with the spell chucker in general. I love spell chucking, I do. From my early years gaming to taking over the GM's seat, the crafting of a spell list for a character became a delicate dance of making sure there were the "required" spells that the group was probably going to be relying on, to the more personalized arsenal that brought on the pain...all the while taking my precious spell options, since you only get so many after all. And yes, there are a great deal of us out there why just went for the "house rule" concept of allowing for much more freedom for the spell lists for the sake of playing. But, within the rules, there was a need to change this, a way that would change everything without unbalancing thing to the point that it would break the game. That my friends, is the Apeiron Stave.

At it's simplest explanation, a spell in a can. Yep, that easy. I know, I know, just lost a few of you, but stick around, trust me, its so much more that the standard spell in a can. A stave gets a set amount of charges (which is an easy enough concept, we’re all familiar with this idea) that trades of spell levels for charges. Pretty simple, right? From there we get into enhancements (which bring on the cool factor) where in the item in the hands of spell chucker becomes a more diverse and useful item. We are also given the option to utilize a sacrificial power (an enhancement to the effects for an additional cost of charges). The breakdown of explaining a “statblock” for these staves walks us through the different sections, explaining effects, enhancements, requirements yadda yadda yadda...The cool thing here is that there is enough material to put together the mechanics to create you own staves. It would have been perhaps a better presentation of the guidelines for creating, but I predict we’re going to be seeing more of these soon enough, perhaps we’ll be presented with a more clear defined idea for item creation. Oh, that’s right, look, its the future already....scan down to the feats and there is the proper feat I refer to, an particular Item Creation feat, with costs and such. Yes, there are the ideas of how many enhancements are too many, when does a sacrifice power become a game break....yes, these would he helpful immensely, but again, I think we’ll be seeing more of these items.

Including that we are presented with Lesser and Greater varieties of several of the staves there are 20 here by my count, each with their flavor when if comes to enhancements and sacrifice powers. Various visual cues to given you something to work from beyond “it’s a stick”, with several rather cool materials used for some of the staves. And it just wouldn’t be a collection of cool new toys with these great new concepts without a handful of Feats to go along with them, right? Alter the enhancement from your sacrificial power, the pace of recharge daily, a bonus for overcoming resistance and or course the all important one, Craft apeiron staff (Item Creation).

Is there potential for abuse with this system? Of course there is, but there is in almost every set of rules. Using this idea as what it is intended to be, spell chuckers are given more option to be effective, pure and simple. Extremely impressive thought behind the design and attempts to keep this from becoming a broken concept.

Now, it would be wrong of me to not mention the immense amount of eye candy in this PDF, as there is a lot of very good looking art in this product, starting right off with a cover from Redpeggy. And, seriously, Hyrum, I want that font you used for the title treatment, it looks incredible! As always the formatting and editing top notch, with no errors catching my attention to be noticed.

Alright, wrapping it all up folks, I see this being one of those ideas that could easily be one of those things that becomes a standard idea amongst playgroups. I just makes so much sense, a group passing on using it would be cheating themselves. Products like this one belong in your toolbox, and remind people that 3PP have a lot going on. This one was an easily 5 star rating, and so worth the price of admission folks!

An review


This pdf is 16 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, leaving us with 14 1/3 pages of content, so let’s take a look!

The supplement kicks off with a discussion on the basics of Apeiron Staves, where the word comes from and finally, why Apeiron Staves have been created – a massive design-rationale is given, including a sidebox etc. – but why? Because Apeiron staves are not merely spells in a can, they change the dynamics of combat, but more on that later.

The description of Apeiron Staves e.g. can hint at its functionality and spellcasters may recharge the up to 20 charges these staves can hold by expending spell levels on a one by one basis when a caster prepares spells – i.e. pumping a 2nd level spell into the stave nets 2 charges. Furthermore, Apeiron staves have effects, which can be produced an unlimited amount of times per day, whereas augmentations, if applicable, can also be added to the effect – up to 2 augmentations can be added, though all augmentations cost charges. Finally, the staves get so-called sacrificial powers, which are activated by feeding spell-slots to the staves. It should be noted that each staff comes with full cost to create/construction requirements etc.

That may be abstract for now, so let’s take a look at the sample staves provided, shall we? Take the Apeiron Staff of Defense, the first of the staves – activating (which is btw. a standard action) it allows you to grant an ally within close range +1 to AC or to CMD for one round. This effect may be augmented by expending charges to grant en additional ally the bonus for one charge, cloak the ally in the effects of blur (2 charges) or grant the ally +2 to saves for one charge. The sacrificial power allows to grant the ally a dodge bonus to AC versus AoOs equal to the level of the spell sacrificed.

Essentially, these staves allow magic wielders to do something apart from burning spells when in combat and the staves actually allow for a decent variety of options that don’t require expendable resources – which is cool. But the interesting part, at least for me, starts when taking a look at the Apeiron staves of force – from beginner’s to greater, we get 4 of them. The beginner’s staff has the unlimited effect of shooting force damage missiles (that count as magic missiles) at foes in close range – these only do 1d3 damage, thankfully, though, and have a cooldown of 1d2 rounds, making sure that the unerring missiles do not invalidate regular ranged combat. You can expend charges to eliminate the cooldown or add spellcasting attribute modifier to damage. The lesser staff already deals 1d4 + caster level and gets a 1-round cooldown – again, the cooldown can be ignored by expending charges, but now you alternatively can extend the damage to foes adjacent to the hit creature – which is a bit weird. Huge foes can have much more creatures adjacent to them – does this mean that e.g. targeting a giant in a unit of hobgoblin infantry-men would deal this damage to more creatures than e.g. shooting at a regular creature in the unit?

Honestly, not sold on that one – perhaps a caveat à la “hit additional creatures equal to your spellcasting attribute modifier” or something like that would make the augmentation make more sense. For 4 charges, the bolt may make a bulrush attempt – at range, without fear of repercussion. This is a pet-peeve of mine and while the 4 charges required are a massive investment of resources, I’m not 100% sold on it– a similar design-issue as the one I had with the Battle Scion’s Force Blaster archetype. At least the amount of charges expended plus the fact that only one of the augmentations can be used per activation limit this one’s potential for power gaming. It should be noted that this one and its greater variants can have spells sacrificed to extend the range of the blasts. And while I’d usually start complaining, hard, about unlimited force missiles, the fact that the range is this short and that, when taking the wealth-by-level guidelines into account, these staves are not particularly cheap (the lesser staff already clocking in at 3750 GP), I actually can see them work – and since I happen to have a low level group at the ready, I think I’ll try the beginner’s staff. Though I probably will get rid of that ranged combat maneuver option at higher levels – it’s a particular option I personally consider broken, even at short range.

Buffing allies with Staves of Glory, shortening negative conditions by 1 round via one of the three staves of soothing or healing the allies, summoning a (thankfully weak) spiritual ally, a very limited (350 GP – what do you expect?) beginner’s staff or a commander’s staff that lets you designate squares – allies passing through said square get bonuses. Neat idea for tactical combat!

There also are 3 blaze staves to blast fire damage, 3 caustic staves to blast acid damage and 3 rime staves to blast, you guessed it, cold damage. They all have in common that their range is thankfully limited, that they require touch attacks and that they can generate some interesting additional effects via augmentations. On the nitpicky side, they do not progress as lesser/normal/greater but as lesser/normal/major - only a naming-inconsistency, but an inconsistency nonetheless.

The pdf also provides us 4 feats: One that allows for the sacrificed spell level to count as +1, one that makes the staves regain charges automatically (though slowly), one that nets you +2 to overcome SR when using them and the item creation feat to make them. The pdf also offers short pieces of advice when combining them with rune staves from SGG.


Editing and formatting are top-notch – I didn’t notice any significant issues apart from the minor naming inconsistency. Layout adheres to SGG’s 3-column full-color standard and the artworks, as we’ve come to expect from SGG, are awesome and while you may know some from other publications, generally this is one neat pdf to look at. The pdf thankfully comes fully bookmarked.

“Unlimited” and “Magic” are two words that usually make me very weary of whatever follows and after reading the concept, I was all but positive that I’d hate this pdf, that I’d rip it a new one and already started thinking about the precise wording of my “This is Op-rant”. Thankfully and surprisingly, though, for the most part I really, really liked this pdf and its staves. For one, the massive range limitation means that the party’s ranged combat sniper/gunslinger/ranger/whatever won’t feel invalidated by the Apeiron staves, one of my primary concerns. Secondly, the pricing means that these staves remain a significant investment – but one that the players will not regret – whereas as wand of magic missile is a fire and forget item, a Beginner’s Apeiron Staff of Force may deal less damage and at closer range, but it is permanent and more versatile – and that is essentially this product’s achievement: Giving casters something to do without necessarily burning through their spells and without outshining e.g. archers and melee characters in their damage output.

I’m honestly and wholeheartedly impressed by this pdf – it provides some elegant staves full of cool options and does so without generating gross inequalities in balancing. So all’s glorious? Almost. Designer Will McCardell has done a great job, but a) I would have liked more of them (sequel???) –though that’s not too significant a complaint and should be taken as a complement instead. What really irks me, though is b) – there are no guidelines to create Apeiron staves yourself and price them properly. And believe me, you WILL want to create more of them. Here is more potential – what about special tige vierges for Apeiron Staves, for example? Or Legendary Apeiron staves that get new augmentations/sacrificial options with levels? That would be oh so awesome…

So yeah, that’s the one and only fundamental flaw I could find, though I still will not allow ranged combat maneuvers via force blasts in my game. In the end, I can’t hence rate this the full 5 stars. What I can do though, is recommend this as a 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4 + seal of approval: The concept is AWESOME and I encourage you to check it out and SGG to make more – fast! ;)

Endzeitgeist out.

What staves should always have been


This module introduces a new type of staves to Pathfinder, the apeiron staff, and it is about time!

This 16 pages PDF begins with an intro about ape iron... I mean apeiron staves, their design philosophy and some of the reasoning behind them. We than get a lenthy, but useful and clear description of these complex items. I use the word complex with deference here. These aren't your mother's regular staves. We then have the apeiron staves, some new feats related to the staves and a word about interaction between apeiron staves, classic staves and the rune staves contained in The Genius Guide to Rune Staves and Wyrd Wands.

So how do these babies work?

Each apeiron staff has an effect that can be use an unlimited number of time. This effect can be augmented with charges the staff possesses. Staves will let you sacrifice a prepared spell/spell slot to further boost the effect. The staves recharge themselves by regaining one charge every day. You can also sacrifice one spell when you prepare/regain your spells to further recharge it. I hope I didn't forget anything.

So let us look at the staves themselves.

There are 21 apeiron staves in this module. The first one is the apeiron staff of defense. This one lets you give a +1 bonus to the AC and CMD of an ally (or two), protect an ally with blur, give a +2 circumstance bonus to saves and boost the AC of the target(s)against AoOs. A nice useful staff that doesn't sound too strong since all the effects only last one round. This gives interesting options to the character that uses this staff. I would like some clarification on the haze augmentation in relations with the aura of protection augmentation. If aura is used, does the second target also get the blur[/] effect?

Now for the apeiron staves of force. There are four of them, beginner, lesser, standard and greater. Basically, they let you use a variant [i]magic missile once every two rounds (except for the greater staff), with augmentation that increase damage, does radius damage, bull rush, trip or let you use them in the off round. Pretty cool, well designed and looks balanced. This seems to fill the required "it does damage" item and it does so with one of the most iconic spell out there. I do have a question. Powerful bolt says it can be used more than once, up to three times per use. Can I still use a second augmentation, say force burst, if I used powerful bolt three times?

Next in line is the apeiron stave of glory. It could have been named staff of tactics. This one lets you boost the attack roll, damage roll and CMB check of one ally, give it one extra AoO, let him move after a full-attack action, do combat maneuvre without provoking AoOs, give Blind-Fight and overcome DR for one round. Again a nice item that opens up new options for the user of the staff.

Now the staves of soothing. There are three of them, lesser, standard and greater. These staves lets you reduce the duration of conditions, give a bonus to attack rolls, give a bonus to saves vs a condition, heal damage and give temporary hit points. Useful staves and, finally, the party's "healer" gets an apeiron staff!

Staff of spectral hero, me bucko! An interesting one, you basically get to summon a specral ally and give it various boosts to its combat abilities. Not bad, not bad at all, but I would have prefered a more classic conjuration effect instead of another force effect. We did have four staves of force. But this is mostly a question of taste on my part. This staff is very nice.

I love this one, the beginner's apeiron staff. Unlimited prestidigitation, if light is cast on the staff's orb it doubles the radius and you can sacrifice a spell slot to cast any cantrip/orison you know (is this useful?) for only 350 gp. This is probably the most iconic apeiron staff of the module as it is designed for these low level adventurers who struggle just to see in that dark cave and want to impress the locals with cantrips. More of these low level staves would have been nice.

And now for the commander's apeiron staff or the apeiron staff of tactics II. This one lets you enchant a square and any ally that pass through that square gains a bonus to his attack and save rolls, you can give an extra move or swift action to an ally (neat!), increase the size of the enchanted square, give DR 3/- to those who pass through the square and increase the speed of allies. A nice item that doesn't just give bonuses and will challenge the user to find the best square to enchant for maximum result.

Now the blaze apeiron staves. You essentially do fire damage with the lesser, standard and greater version of the staff. This is the let down of the module. Basically three versions of a staff that does fire damage and a few other effects. With the caustic (acid) and rime (ice) apeiron staves, that also come as a trio, it all feels very repetitive. The 9 elemental staves take a lot of space. When you count the four force apeiron staves and the three soothing apeiron staves, that makes 16 of the 21 staves in this module. So we basically have 10 staff ideas in this module, even if there are 21 staves in it. For 3.99$ that is a bit low.

A little more variety would have been welcomed. An apeiron staff with a diviners theme could have been interesting. Maybe a staff that is more melee oriented for the magus (staff magus anyone?) or hex themed for the witch.

Ok, enough critiquing, I still need to mention the four feats at the end of the module. Apeiron Staf Initiate and Apeiron Staff Master increase the value of spell slots/prepared spells you sacrifice to boost your apeiron staff effects. Simple yet useful for an item that can be a defining element of a character. The next feat is Craft Apeiron Staff. Logical. It is neat that it morphes into Craft Staff at level 11. Finally, Piercing Apeiron Staff, get a +2 bonus to overcome SR with your apeiron staff effect. Cool.

At the end of the module we get two short paragraphs that discusse stacking apeiron staves, runes staves and classic staves. Useful and welcomed tips, but what is missing is advice on how to balance the staves and how to price homebrewed apeiron staves. Why? Because you will definetally want to make your own apeiron staff. The concept it that interesting! Advice on adding apeiron properties to a +1 quarterstaves, for example, would have been nice too.

These staves are a great idea and this is what staves in Pathfinder should have been from the start. I can't say this enough. Classic staves are just spell-in-a-cane, like wands, potions, scrolls, etc. Apeiron staves (and rune staves for that matter) are more than that, they have the potential to be iconic items that can help define a character.

All and all, I give 4 stars to this module. It would have been 5 stars if there would have been a bigger diversity of staves (maybe for apeiron staves book 2?). Clearly, this is a labor of love and I think they bring an original new element to Pathfinder. Enjoy!

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Now available!

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Rite Publishing freelancer and developer Will McCardell aka Cheapy (The Secrets of Tactical Archetypes I & II) authored this product for Super Genius Games and they have just released it! Will's rules knowledge is unsurpassed IMHO backed by Owen Stephens development I know this will be awesome.

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing

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It is an AWESOME product. Just got it & looking forward to introducing them to my players.

Minister of Propaganda, Super Genius Games

And since it was asked on our Facebook page, here's the skinny on the differences between "Apeiron Staves" and "Rune Staves and Wyrd Wands":

The two books are actually very different. Rune Staves are for the most part incredibly generic, giving flat bonuses to spell damage and they might include a special ability that makes specific spells or spell types more effective. On the other hand, Apeiron Staves always have a specific effect (such as summon a spectral hero at a location within 50 feet) and each staff also lets you enhance that effect in defined ways by spending charges (like giving the spectral hero a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round at the cost of 1 charge), with each staff having at least 2 of these "augmentations".

Thanks Liz!

I reiterate: So. Many. Things.


The cover art is awesome. Where do you guys get this? I'm guessing it is not stock art.

Liberty's Edge

Nice. I *love* cool staves!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Absolutely fantastic concept. Nice one Will!

I too wish to know where that absolutely fantastic image came from!!!!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks all for the kind words. I'm thrilled at the so-far extremely positive response, especially since this product was over a year on the making.

This book has gone through many iterations and I'm supremely pleased with how it turned out, especially given Owen's excellent development pass (or 5).

I personally consider it a companion book to The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items, which similarly dealt with giving new uses for existing items, moving away from the spell in a can paradigm. Both books are also directly inspired by the Wyrd Wands and Rune Staves book mentioned above by Hyrum, so if you enjoy this book, I highly recommend that one as well. Who knows. Maybe one day we'll see a compilation of all three books...


Is there a linkification to "Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items"?

Dark Archive

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items

Thanks in heaps!

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

Absolutely fantastic concept. Nice one Will!

I too wish to know where that absolutely fantastic image came from!!!!

According to the credits in the PDF the cover was done by Redpeggy.

Scarab Sages Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

Cheapy wrote:
I personally consider it a companion book to The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items, which similarly dealt with giving new uses for existing items, moving away from the spell in a can paradigm. Both books are also directly inspired by the Wyrd Wands and Rune Staves book mentioned above by Hyrum, so if you enjoy this book, I highly recommend that one as well.

This, by the way, is one of the things I love about the OGL, and the Paizo 3pp community. A product of mine helped inspire both a book I like, and another one I got to publish!

Thanks for linking it Justin. This issue of Pathways (free) has some expanded material on the Forgotten Magic Items book as well.

And the next issue of Pathways might contain some more Apeiron Staves...

Scarab Sages Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

Cheapy wrote:
And the next issue of Pathways might contain some more Apeiron Staves...

Really? Cool!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This is an interesting module. I must say I am surprised by the staves, they are more original and useful than I thought. I like how the description text of the staves was divided in clear sections.

Out of curiosity, what is the formula you used to price Apeiron Staves?

Well then, I'm glad you were surprised and delighted! We did try to put a fair mix of non-direct damage staves in there as those tend to be more interesting, and I'm glad it worked out.

I have talked a bit about pricing over in this post, but unfortunately I doubt it's definitive enough for your tastes. The medium-story-short is that since wealth is just a way to restrict certain effects and items to a given level range, we determined about when a staff could be introduced without causing issues and based the price roughly off of the wealth by level table. Pricing magic items is a mixture of art and science, and these staves focused quite a bit on the art side of things.

Yeah, just damage becomes boring and repetitive.

You'll find me bothersome, but how did you estimate the price? 1/5 or 1/4 of the wealth of a given level per staff?

Scarab Sages Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

goldomark wrote:

Yeah, just damage becomes boring and repetitive.

You'll find me bothersome, but how did you estimate the price? 1/5 or 1/4 of the wealth of a given level per staff?

For the playtest, it ended up being comparing at what price spellcasters took each staff at what level. If I figures a staff should enter play at 7th level, and I set a price where everyone took it at 5th, the price was too low. If no one took it at 9th or even 10th, the price was too high.

That was for refining the prices Will set, of course, rather than setting initial prices. Unfortunately that means that with two sets of grubby fingerprints reality checking the price, no formula survived the experience.

At this point, your best bet is to compare a new apeiron staff to existing apeiron staves, and match the price to one of the same utility.

When estimating prices, I generally use 1/5th as my constant because then if someone wants to really focus on the item as part of their character, they're spending 20% of their WBL on it, which I feel is a good amount to start as the earliest. But then Owen dirtied my pristine, perfect prices to make them balanced. The other thread has some more discussion on this too, if you haven't checked it out yet. If more people chime in about this, we'll see what turns up.


Hope the grammar and orthograph is fine, English is not my first language.

goldomark wrote:


Hope the grammar and orthograph is fine, English is not my first language.

I'm not seeing a star-rating OR a review, goldomark?!?!

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While I greatly appreciate you taking the time out to write a review, I am fairly concerned about someone using the apeiron staff of vanishing on the review! :)

If you have Firefox, you should look into this add-on. It saves off all the text you write for a certain amount of time (or a certain number of posts, not sure which) so that if something happens to your browser, or a forum post doesn't go through, you can just right click on the form and have your text added back again. Really, this should be standard browser functionality!

There's a version for Chrome here as well

And apparently Opera too.

The little guy has saved me a ton of time.

It should be up now.

Scarab Sages Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review! A diversity in staves was something we were keenly aware of during development, but unfortunately the word count beast, partially due to the sheer space that the damaging staves took up, reared its ugly head. The good news being that in the case of a 2nd book, we only have one more damaging stave to put in and the rest of the space can be devoted to more effects, like the verdant staff or the nightmare staff...

Will McCardell wrote:
like the verdant staff or the nightmare staff...

Oooooooh! Are prospects good for a second book?

I believe that is Hyrum's call.

Liberty's Edge

Very nice review! This sounds like a great product!

It was nice to see some of these staffs have lesser, standard and greater versions. Do these build on the lesser, standard and greater staff mechanic from Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium?

Nope, it doesn't directly build off of that system, although the lesser, normal, and greater differentiation of some of the staves was added for much the same reason. A fair number of the staves stood on their own at all levels, but some, especially the damaging ones, needed to be made relevant at higher levels, so we added in the different types.

Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium was a slight inspiration for this product (and The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items too) in that it monkeyed around with a per-existing magic item.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We're quite happy that this hit #4 for the top selling Other Company Compatible Product's list on for last week. Thanks for the support, all!

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This issue of Pathways contains an article about Apeiron Staves, for those interested.

It contains 2 new staves, and a short prestige class as well, all done by Mr. Thomas LeBlanc!

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Just a note, due to customer demand, we're now working on some pricing guidelines. No formulas, but a lot of pointers.

And here they are!

If you have any comments or questions on them, don't be afraid to ask.

And now we have an Apeiron Staff of Ape Iron too, due to cosmic law of punnitude and also because Owen's actions here inspired me.

Thanks for the review, End! I wasn't even aware that products could get the Endzeitgeist Seal of Approval without getting 5 stars.

If you haven't checked them out, one of my links above does contain some rough pricing guidelines. If we do a Genius Guide to More Apeiron Staves, we'll definitely include those in it.

I sometimes give my seal when I personally consider a product superb and awesome, but still can see certain types of groups having minor issues - my seal is essentially a representation of what I consider AWESOME.

Hence also several 5/5 products sans seal. SoP-files all are introduced to my campaign sooner or later.

So yeah, get to making a sequel, then a sequel of the sequel and then a compilation of these staves! :D

That's up to Owen & Co to decide, but I did just have a nifty idea for a sonic-energy type staff where the augmentations changed the type of roar produced...

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Posted first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's store!

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Just wanted to add another, 'It's a great supplement!' comment! I agree with Endzeitgeist's review that it makes you want to make more Apeiron Staves. Thanks for a another great product!

Scarab Sages Contributor; Developer, Super Genius Games

As always, many thanks for the reviews!

You're welcome! I've got 4 draft2-phase (review-writing ->draft1-> draft2->publish) SGG-reviews in the wings, so expect to see more VERY soon (i.e. at the very latest on Monday!). Cheers!

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So...finally getting back to reviewing, and I decided to kick off with Will McCardell's latest addition to the world of 3PP material.

The possible potential for this concept is an excellent addition to the spell-chucker for so many reasons. Coming here after I got the review posted I find that a pricing guide has already been added in web enhancement format, there are already apeirons showing up in other product, as well as the hilarious Apeiron Stave of Ape Iron.

Two things
1.There will be a second book. Not asking, telling you. This is a great idea, and this can't be one that is allowed to be forgotten. There will be a second book. Not asking, telling you. This is a great idea, and this can't be one that is allowed to be forgotten.
2.One of the things I dearly love when it comes to the look and feel of material from SGG is that you take so much pride in your format and layouts. Your product looks then supply the pricing guide needs to be properly included in [b]The Genius Guide to More Apeiron Staves[/i] (what? You thought I was joking, more, get back to

Seriously, Will, this is impressive. The mark of a great idea, and solid design are when you leave people wanting more.

Well done Sir, well done.

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WB, Joshua! And I agree - this SO NEEDS SEQUELS. Plural. I love these staves!

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Thilo! It is good to be back my friend. I am looking at my post and realize I an a little rusty at the coding, lol..

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As always, thanks for the review!
And welcome back!

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Yes, thanks! Glad to see you back :)

Thanks for the review, morgandefey!

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First off, I do have to say I love this product. I also have to say I was really disappointed to not see any air or electricity themed staves included. I've started statting them up on my own and wondered if Cheapy or anyone else would provide some feedback on their balance or give suggestions on improvements?


Bolt Staff, Lesser

Slot none; Price 2,100gp; CL 3rd

This staff is composed of a long length of engraved silver and topped with a lightning bolt carved from sapphire gem. Merely touching it gives off a static discharge.

Upon activation, you may make a ranged touch attack against an enemy within close range (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 caster levels). If the attack hits, the enemy takes 1d6 electricty damage.

Spasming Muscles: The target of the effect must make a Fortitude save or be entangled for one round. The DC of this save is 10 + 1/2 your caster level. (1 charge)
Arcing Bolt: You may select an additional target witin 30 feet or the original target. That target takes half of the electricity damage the initial target took. (1 charge)

Sacrificial Power:
The attack deals an additional 1d6 electricity damage per level of spell sacrificed.

Requirements: Craft Apeiron Staff, Jolt

Cost: 1050 gp


Gale Staff, Lesser

Slot none; Price 2,500 gp; CL 3rd

This staff is six-feet long and carved from a nearly weightless length of clear crystal with the top carved into a pristine pair of gleaming, feathered wings.

Upon activation, you may make a ranged touch attack against an enemy within close range (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 caster levels). If the attack hits, the enemy takes 1d4 sonic damage.

Gusting Winds: You may take a free five foot step as part of activating the staff. This movement reduces any other movement you might take this round. (2 charges)
Gale Force: The target of the effect must make a Fortitude save of be pushed 10 feet away from the user of the staff. The DC of this save is 10 + 1/2 your caster level. (1 charge)

Sacrificial Power:
The attack deals an additional 1d4 sonic damage per level of spell sacrificed.

Requirements: Craft Apeiron Staff, Breeze

Cost: 1250 gp

The Gale Staff I feel still needs the most work in terms of balance and fixing the wording to be more clear. Also not sure on how to price these exactly so I'm being extremely approximate on that.

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