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Welcome to the return of the mammoth dungeons.

The Dungeon Under the Mountain is a massive dungeon you can locate anywhere in your campaign world. Each level contains hundreds of rooms ready to be filled with the critters of your choice and with the devious traps you prefer.

This product contains a single king-size (22"x34") map, as well as the same map divided into eight US letter sheets for easy printing. Since these products are completely vector-based, you can select small portions of the dungeon and scale them as you see fit without sacrificing print resolution. If you like, you can print out every single room in battlemap-scale, for use with your miniatures.

The exclusive "Rule Your Dungeon" feature allows you to customize the look of your dungeon, make it more print- friendly (black and white), add the furniture, toggle the grid, hide the room numbers and more. On each sheet, you will find a large button that will not be printed (so don't worry if it covers some rooms). Clicking this button displays options detailed below. Please be aware that each time you make a choice it is reflected throughout the whole document (the 22"x34" map, and the single pieces).

Here are the available options:

  • Numbers: hides room numbers; useful if you want to use your own room numbers
  • Furniture: hides furniture, doors and the like and allows you to print and draw your own rooms
  • Grid: activate/deactivate the grid
  • Teleport: activate/deactivate the teleport (green) areas
  • Water: activate/deactivate the water (blue) areas
  • Main Areas: activate/deactivate the main (orange) areas
  • Secondary Areas: activate/deactivate the secondary (yellow) areas
  • Fill: activate/deactivate the black in the walls (to save printer ink)
  • Toggle White/Yellow: this option toggles the rooms' background from yellow to white and vice versa
  • All: activate all options (if any one is disabled) or deactivate all options (if all are activated)

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1.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Just a map, you will have to spend $25 more for the descriptions of the rooms


I was a huge fan of the Ruins of Undermountain box set, so was interested in this. I only bought the first level just to see what it was. Overall the map is really good, but that is all it is, just a map. For each room, you’re going to have to spend $1.85 (for three written pages and 1 battle mat – taking out the cover, copy write page, the welcome page that is in all of them, then the last 6 pages of advertisement). One room is free, but there are 41 rooms in total, so, eventually to get the description for the whole dungeon, it will be about $75!. You can still buy the Ruins of Undermountain box set for less and that give you three dungeons levels with descriptions (level 3 is two poster maps), random generator for what is in the rooms, and an adventure book to give your characters a hook into different areas.

So, by the review it sounds like this is trying to bring DLC into dungeons & adventure purchases.

This is a map product only. There are several rooms written-up but they are meant as inspiration if you want some specific rooms (I wrote a couple for 0One Games back in the day). I don't believe the intent was ever to do all the rooms and sell them separately.

This is a mega-dungeon maps series (I forget how many levels were created). The rooms are not essential in any way. I they started to come out well after the maps came out, I think in response to customer suggestions.

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It is a map it was never meant to be anything else I bought it years ago as a map if the reviewer thought he was gonna get undermountain for $3 well he doesn't quite understand the pdf industry does he. It's unfortunate that he didn't read the description that describes the map which says it's a map. If he think's the map is poor then he has a right to mark it down but to give it a 1 star because it isn't a 300 page mega dungeon is a little harsh.

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