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What lives under a bridge?


More dungeon than man.


1.79 levels up and many levels down.


Played AD&D back in the day.

Special Abilities

Summon monster (all), create dungeon, create unique magic item, create world, create history, create values and ideology, cook a magnificent omelette.


Persuaded I might be True Neutral, seems to fit.


the dice Gods


Tutor (turning my knowledge checks into GP. It is a pretty damn good job).

About DM Under The Bridge

A long-time DM and once in a while a player.

I find the rules less interesting than the possibilities of traps, dungeons, designing monsters on the fly and applied creativity. When I play I like heavy infantry or skirmishers. Monks and melee chars are great fun.

I have done a fair bit of world-building - up to two settings and over 30 countries now. If you would ever like to chat about world-building, please send me a message. I think it is important to break from Tolkien and do something new with fantasy settings. It is far more rewarding to also not just copy-paste from Earth history and cultures.

Recently ran a Sword Art game, a medieval politics-heavy game and a bandit simulator (this is ongoing, the players are bandits trying to survive and get rich).

Then moved on to a bandit game, where players are bandits and encounters are very randomised.

Also developing a new game system with an intrigue focus called the Lords Game.