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Full Name





Teacher 2/Librarian 1







Special Abilities

Historical Knowledge, archival memory, research skills, improved unarmed strike




Laws Of Mortality





Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About zer0darkfire

Arcane Ki: The Magic of Martial Artists! My first 3pp for Pathfinder 1e! It contains 9 New Archetypes and Sorcerer Bloodlines, 1 New Prestige Class, 14 New Feats, 16 Spell Style Feats, and 3 Magic Items. It's not very good!

My (rough) but existent website for Pathfinder 2e.

Novel Options: Magic! for Pathfinder Infinite (2e)
6 Pages of handwritten lore connecting Earth to Golarion
2 brand new classes and their multiclass archetypes
Zealot - A hybrid of Pathfinder 1e's Warpriest and Inquisitor. With 43 feats to choose from and 4 inquisition subclasses!
Theurge - A master of all four traditions of magic. With 36 feats to choose from!
7 Zealot Focus Spells
4 Theurge Focus Spells
5 Archetypes
Metamagic Master - Grants access to a wide swath of metamagic feats and learns to combine multiple metamagics in one spell
Bloatmage - Learns to harness energy in their blood to fuel additional spells. However, such techniques are stressful on the body and mind, potentially causing an overload of magical energy.
Shield Mage - Masters of the Shield cantrip. Utilizing specialized techniques, the Shield Mage can repel attackers, block with Shield more frequently, and even explode their Shield with magical force.
Silencer - Hunters of spellcasters. Similar to Superstitious Barbarians, Silencers learn to protect their body and mind from magical intrusions while nullifying magic themselves.
Corrupter - Experts with spells that cause continuous damage and learn to cast them regardless of tradition. They can also learn to add doses of poison to their spellcasts, making them exceedingly lethal over a period of time.
1 Class Archetype
Specialized Research Field: Preservationist (Alchemist) - These alchemists learn to bottle creatures inside vials that can be uncorked later. The creatures are volatile outside of their bottles and dissipate quickly but last long enough to cause harm to the alchemist's foes.
13 New Spells
Acid Pit, Aligned Arrow, Aggressive Thundercloud, Bolster (cantrip), Call Lightning, Create Pit, Synapse Jolt, Hungry Pit, Murderous Command, Spiked Pit, Stumble Gap, Summoner's Call (cantrip), and Vine Toss

Novel Options: Primal Illusion
Wield the power of the mind or channel the fury of nature with Novel Options: Primal Illusion!

2 New Classes: Mentalist and Primalist
The mentalist is the Occult Bounded Caster. Featuring four subclasses that determine how you gain mental focus to inflict mental trauma on your foe.
The Primalist is the Primal Bounded Caster. Featuring three subclasses that determine how your Natural Rhythm works. Strike with the power of the elements or fight side-by-side with your animal ally.
The mentalist has 9 focus spells to utilize!
Both have multiclass archetypes!
New Class Options for Champion and Witch!
Featuring the Tenent of Neutrality and its three Causes, Barrister (LN), Arbiter (N), and Instigator (CN)!
Four new witch patrons, Poppet Doll, Draconic, Lich, and Genie!
4 New Archetypes!
Warder - The master of Circle of Protection. Protect your allies, drain your enemies, and leave them trapped in your chalk circles
Bomb Maker - Anyone can learn to make bombs, but bomb makers specialize in this alchemy above all others
Chemical Brute - You were a lab accident that became infused with mutagens allowing your body to produce the effects internally
Malice Binder - Use an age-old style of magic relying on taking bits of spellcasters such as their hair or fingernails to power your strange occult abilities
3 New Cantrips
Frostbite - Inflict cold damage on a foe and everyone around them
Spontaneous Combustion - Ignite a foe and hope the fire spreads
Suddenly, Rocks! - Rocks fall, everyone dies...or becomes Stupefied 1 from too many blows to the head

Gingerbread Witch
You never had any intention of being an adventurer, battling dragons, or saving the city you live in. Instead, you simply learned to bake and found that you could kindly ask dough to do whatever you needed to (icing is harder and always gives you a headache). One day, you nearly burned a batch of gingerbread men, but in your panic, you flooded them with magic and brought one of them to life. Now, that gingerbread familiar teaches you how to harness your magic to its highest caliber (icing still gives you a headache though and I swear this cookie is getting too smart).

Novel Options: Expanded Patrons
Unleash the true power of your Witch's patron with 55 new feats! Your power comes from a deal forged with your source of power, and not all powers come without cost. Some powers come only from performing certain rituals and taking in some of the magic you let out.

Many of these feats feature a new trait, Ritualism. Most of these feats require a 10-minute ritual where you gain a benefit after completing it, frequently a free action that triggers at the start of combat.

55 new feats
3 feats per patron including Baba Yaga, Mosquito, and my 4 patrons, Poppet Doll, Lich, Draconic, and Genie from Novel Options Primal Illusions
3 new spells
A handful of pact feats that offer great power in exchange for something from you

Stalwart Defender
* Stalwart Stance is similar to Tangled Forest Stance for monk at its core. Creatures around you need checks to move, though it is slightly different.
* You can give your allies Strikes the reach trait so they can attack past you
* You can let your allies throw you so you can move to a better spot without losing your stance
* You can designate additional squares around you that you count as standing in for purposes of other creatures' movement
* You can give yourself temporary HP at will and the longer you have been in Stalwart Stance, the more HP you gain
* You can shield your allies from Reflex save based attacks by giving them cover bonuses and other benefits
* You can essentially negate an AoE attack by focusing the attack into yourself; think of creating a safe cone behind you when a dragon breaths fire at your party
* You can remain standing in your stance even when you fall unconscious, allowing you to remain being a nuisance even while down. This can even extend to after you fully die.
* You can gain a number of other protective reactions, such as Striding to an ally struck by an attack to take the hit for them, and you can take a few feats to grant you additional Reaction actions for your Stalwart Defender abilities