The Fifth Archdaemon

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A good product...


This is a good product, with a nice selection of monsters. They add a couple of choices to the animal companion list, which is always nice. I particularly like the tables containing the possible lore a character can get about a monster, based on their knowledge roll.

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Pretty standard...


But not bad. No major plot major plot, in fact. For an introductory adventure for people new to Pathfinder, it's pretty good. It showcases a bunch of different rules well and shows off the shiny, new character classes as well. Veteran gamers might find it ho-hum, but I think it's good for new players.

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I know how this adventure came about...


and the end result is kind of an incoherent mess. An admirable attempt was made to make it all make sense, but it's really just a bunch of strange rooms strung together for no real reason. I wish I'd put my money elsewhere.