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So me and a friend are in a campaign of way of the wicked, I'm a cleric of Zon'Kuthon (He can play nice enough with others that the DM didn't see a problem with it) and he's an antipaladin of Asmodeus.

I'm wondering what ideas you guys can come up with to play with his plague bringer. (I don't have domains, took the blacksnake archetype so I could be a bad touch/area denial cleric.) We're currently 8th level, going on 9 soon.

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Hey guys, I'm running a cleric of Zon'Kuthon in a campaign, and I'm pretty close to getting summon planar ally (standard version).

That being said, what I've noticed is that there really isn't that much being said about Kytons; so I'm hoping you guys can help me compile a useful little catalogue of what's known about them, or what can be inferred.

(For instance, why the hell are _all_ Kytons completely immune to cold? They don't utilize it in any way, and its an element that really has nothing to do with the plane of shadows.)

What spells should I take as a precaution when plane-shifting to the elemental plane of earth as a 9th level cleric? (Traded domains for whip stuff.)

I made a drow (Standard drow, nobody crucify me... yet) cleric of Urgathoa. I'm planning on playing him as a melee character, but I took all three drow nobility feats.

My only problem is that, while I _want_ to find a way to consistently use my Deeper Darkness, I just can't think of any way to do it without screwing over both myself and the party. Any advice?

(I hear Trail of the rose doesn't care whether you can see or not, for whatever that's worth.)

Does Trail of the Rose

bypass a characters normal inability to see? (Such as from Deeper darkness being cast in an area of dim light)

So I've been toying with the idea of a cajun (undead and plagues are generally associated with swamps, so it just seemed to fit the flavor) cleric of Urgathoa who wades into battle with a scythe, full plate, and a horde of undead.

At the moment the idea isn't really fleshed out beyond what I want it to do.

Given that, what do you guys suggest for a build?

20 point-buy, third party and 3.5 allowed (with GM approval), level 6 starting

So, feel free to take this how you want, since I know it can be a rather unpopular option (for good reasons, covered in many places over many posts.)

But coming from a particular thread discussing caster/martial disparaty, one of the main complaints that I feel is being made, is that martial characters lack the ability to influence the over-arching plot in any meaningful way, since they have to specialize so heavily in smacking things in the face.

Given that, I was thinking of putting up using leadership as something of a way to make up for it.

In this way, the level 10 fighter can throw around the weight of his organization to get his party in to see the king, rather than standing around while the party sorcerer baps him/herself with a few +cha spells and sweet talks the guards into letting them in.

It gives the fighter (using fighter only as an example) an interesting way to interact with the world through attempting to build the relevance of his given organization (whatever that may be) and also gets him some levels of fame, and social clout.

What do you guys think?