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I think I have the idea of how things work a bit, but I would love some clarification on how loot rewards work in the session and after.

1. If a group is awarded with an item as a reward, it is ONE item, not one for every PC, correct? Can this item be used at that moment for the rest of the session as agreed upon by the PC's? Or is nothing available until the end? If so, every rewarded item is therefore not rewarded, but must be bought? This is the part that confuses me. If it is given as a reward, it must still be bought? Or does an agreed PC that receives it during the session get that item there on out and the item is then unlocked for the other PC's for purchase at the end of the session?

2. If a PC would like to buy an item on a post session sheet but can't afford it, can they come back down the road and purchase it later, or is that "store" locked out once you move to the next session?

Thank you in advance.

So, a bit off topic side step, but you mention seasonal story lines, this is one of the other questions I have. How do you pick what to run? I am guessing you want to hit those main seasonal story lines for sure (APs aside for the moment) but what about faction based and others? I can't imagine it is common to have a group that picks all the same faction, but what's in it for the other players just to run it for one or two others? Or should I actually discuss this with the group to pick a faction together?

Maybe as our normal group, hit primary story lines and then at the wider local events, hit up the faction runs each want?

That is kinda what started this whole post / thread. I plan on running The Commencement first and go straight into Dead Suns. It seems the natural path of my limited knowledge. I know next to nothing about the story of other scenarios. I kinda dig what Riley is suggesting. It seems the fact there was a pause between books being published, that there was some sort of break in the story. It might be fun to look into coming up with a seamless (or acceptable) segue.

If some things are higher and some things are lower, that sounds more like balance then an economy change.

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Ah! Ok, I get it now. Thank you. That was the key to my head scratching.

Ok, so I guess where my confusion is when it sorta mentions both. Such as in the Outcome after Mission 1 in The Commencement SFS #1-01:

Laboni presents the PCs with a set of graphite carbon skin armor and 400 credits from the race's prize pool. I read that as a total of 1 piece of armor and 400 credits to be split up between the PC's. But in the next paragraph under rewards it mentions if the PC's fall short, that it reduces "each" PC's credits earned by 185 or 90. Does this mean that they actually should be getting 400 each? If that is the case, are they also each getting the armor?

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It does. I would not expect an official conversion of each AP module. I am sure community ones will pop up. I am just hoping for a basic conversion ruleset like you mention that I could convert NPC's / Bestiary with out much fuss. That would be excellent. Thank you for the response!

To a new group GM or player, looking at 10 seasons of content is overwhelming. Where does a new group start? I was introduced to society as a player with #5-08 but I am confused how the starting adventure was fifth season, 8th installment. Is there a system or is it all completely random? Either way, what path should a new group take to catch up to main plot points and such? What can be or should be skipped? Is there any content that is required?

I am starting a group up and have not GM'd in many years. Since Highschool and I am in my 40's now. I plan to use published adventures like AP's and Society scenarios so I can present this new group to tried and true stories and hooks.

I am trying to clarify rewards as described in Paizo official adventures. When it says award the group with xxx XP, is that split or per PC? Same question goes for currency and items. When it says something like "presents PC's xxx "currency" from doing X and a X item, is this to EACH PC or to be split between them? Does this change depending on if AP content or Society Scenario.

I don't want to provide exact examples due to spoilers. Can anyone clarify how and when to tell the difference when a reward is intended to be split or given to each PC?

Sorry if this has been answered already. I could not find it on a search. I know I am late to the party, but we are finally getting a group together very soon. I am equally excited about PF2 as I am the published content already around. The AP's look amazing. Will their be a toolkit to easily convert AP content / creatures / difficulty of the older content with the new system? First thing we plan to run is Runelords of course! Also want to try a few of the other AP's for sure. Are we going to be stuck on the older system to make it work well?

We are starting a new group. My vision is to keep the sessions Society legal (both Path/Star) so the characters can also be played at official events locally and also give a feel of growth. Primary goal however is to use a lot of the published AP content also starting with Dead Suns and Runelords. One, because its been years since I have GM'd and Two, they look great!

I am extremely confused however of how advancement works with society legal characters with AP's. If they can only level once per module, how can they keep up with the level curve of the campaign?? Dead Suns 2 starts at level 2, right? Or am I reading this wrong and it is supposed to be every part, not every module? I do understand you can apply credit to a legal toon later, but what I envisioned was possibly running into scenario like Commencement and then going straight into Suns book 1 and straight through that module. It seems very story breaking to have to stop and do random adventures in between just to continue where you left off in an Adventure path, especially when we are starting way behind and want to get through some of these AP's from years and months ago.

Can someone please clarify?

I am not sure I will be able to get more then three PC's if I do get a local game going. Can the AP be run with that few without having to modify or do we really need a fourth? I am not even sure what it is designed for to be honest.