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Sorry if this has been asked before. I didn't see it anywhere.

What's the time limit on recharging a spellstrike? Does it have to be your next action? Some time during that encounter? Up until your next daily preparation?


My Secrets of Magic shipped last Friday but when I try to track it, UPS says tracking information is unavailable at this time. Seems like it should have updated by now.

I had this problem with Mwangi Expanse, too, but that was the first time so I figured it was a fluke.

I'm GMing for my group and we're pretty laid back about following RAW. I've been running AoA and using milestone awards for leveling suggested in the books. Lately I've been curious as to how the more stringent rules work and I wanted to make sure I've got it right.

When designing an encounter I set the threat level, multiply the “Character Adjustment” by the number of PCs and spend that for creatures using the costs on Table 10-2.

For example: A moderate encounter for 7 6th level PCs would have a budget of 140xp.
You could have (for example) an encounter with a 6th level monster (40xp) and 5 4th level monsters (100xp).

Each PC that survives the encounter would then get 80xp if I'm reading page 508 correctly.

Sound about right?

I hope I'm posting this in the right forum.

I just want to make sure if I order a CRB from Paizo I'll get a copy of the 2nd printing.

Was it intentional that the triggers don't include attacks on the champion itself?

I don't see this posted. Was there not an episode this week?

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In case anyone didn't know.

Do we have any idea of the changes that will be made from Beta to the final product?

::crosses fingers hoping that alignment is done away with::