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the Crown of Queen Bremagyr is described as having an overwhelming aura of evocation and worth 15,000gp but that seems to be all the description there is. If it has overwhelming magic then it should be an artifact shouldn't it? If it is it must be worth way more than 15,000gp and I'd need info on what it does. I had it dissolve along with the demon genie head in grandmothers cauldron when they dunked it. what was intended with the crown?

Name: Guarm
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Arctic Druid 13
Adventure: Rasputin Must Die!
Location: Inside Baba Yaga's Hut, Russia
Catalyst: Unlucky saving throws, Fire-Eyed Skulls.
The Gory Details: When a 1000 chattering skulls with fiery eyes start chattering louder when you reach for a nail in a crucified doll maybe you should stop and think. Unfortunately our Paladin could stand this poor creatures suffering no longer. The resulting 20d6 firestorm engulfed the entire party dropping most of them. You _really_ want to make that save. The Druid took it all and survived but unconscious and on fire. Not just any fire though. No piddling d6 a round this. One round later the 4d6 follow up damage snuffed his still burning corpse out. A few sessions later the party had to sleep outdoors and realized how much they took for granted the Druids ability to prepare a campsite and make it cozy

From what I see in the PRD they are all similar but slightly different things. The alchemist kit is light and cheap and has all the material components needed for his extracts, mutagens, and bombs but doesn't give any bonuses, the portable alchemist lab is heavier and more expensive and does just alchemy checks but gives you a +1 tool bonus, and the alchemist lab is heavier still, even more expensive, just does alchemy checks but provides a +2 tool bonus.

How does the frightful presence aura work with a 27 hd chicken hut against the 14 hd frost giants? In general is it panicked for 4hd, frightened for 8hd, and shaken for 12hd? Does it work in reverse? Things 23hd and up are shaken, 19hd to 22hd are frightened, and 15hd to 18hd are panicked?

Why would anyone do this?


Q24. Vault
The door to this chamber is locked (Disable Device DC
30 to open). Nazhena carries the only key, but the door is
made of ice and can be easily broken (hardness o, hp 9,
break DC 15).

Why put an expensive lock on a door a child could kick through?

remoh wrote:
tom.zombie wrote:
If I just look at his stat block, I don't see anyway that Teb Knotten could stand the cold; ....

As a troll he has regeneration. This heals 5hp per round unless he takes fire damage. This would include cold damage and non-lethal damage. Even in extreme cold, he will only take 1d6 damage per minute. This is easily mitigated by his regeneration.

Well I guess that would work but it would be uncomfortable. I think Hommelstaub will cast an endure cold on him anyway. Thanks though

If I just look at his stat block, I don't see anyway that Teb Knotten could stand the cold; Moss trolls don't have any immunity or resistance to cold and Teb doesn't have any gear that gives him any immunity or resistance. I am going to assume that Hommelstaub will use one of his five endure elements a day to make sure Teb doesn't freeze but that certainly isn't in Teb stat block. Am I missing something? I searched this thread for answers and didn't see anything.

Can a ghost with memorized spells cast them while possessing someone (malevolence).

If you have some strength and/or use potions of Bull Strength I'd suggest getting "adaptive" put on your bow.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/magic-weapons/magic-weapon-special-abil ities/adaptive

For my party it was a nearly perfect fight; it didn't take too long, had some wonderful dramatic points, and proved to be challenging without being frustrating. One PC nearly bought it and a cohort did die but after they got the cohort raised everything was good to go.

Does the paralytic secretion from paralytic tentacles count as a poison or as something else? I have a gnome alchemist with poison resistance as one of my players and they are really gonna want that secretion to be a poison.

let me see if I got this right. One part of the heart was eaten by Mathus, another is in a container with Acrietia, and a third was sent away to become part of the carrion crown?

Cut it up pretty small I guess. :)

Drakli wrote:

I think this whole Feldgrau conversation just goes to show that everyone is playing a different game of D&D than everyone else. My group managed to fight the Hangman's Tree, then decided to skirt around Feldgrau, bypassing the internal encounters entirely and accidentally homing in on the end bosses (Acrietia and Vrood immediately afterwards,) while at 8th level. The Paladin has 7 negative levels out of a possible 8 after Vrood enervated him.

Also, just before they hit Feldgrau, I'd just barely managed to increase their wealth-by-level up to what 8th level should have, (Desna blessed them with gear and powered up weapons at the Stairs of the Moon,) to make up for the lackluster treasure take inherent in Trial of the Beast and the fact that they ended up missing a bunch of stuff in Harrowstone entirely. So they were lacking the kind of gear and buffs some parties seem to be managing, though their numbers are at last shored up.

So millage may vary, but Acrietia and her gang very nearly killed our paladin, and the fight with Vrood (still in progress,) is causing my players much stress.

My party is doing the same thing; skirting the outside of town and heading for the tower. I'm really worried I'm gonna end up with a tpk.

How are my PC's suppose to survive the boss fight in this book?! Circle of Death with the big baddie is 11d4 HD of creatures (a poor role will get most of them) and then it's save or die with a dc21 save. Given their make up they have about a 50-50 shot of living. If that's not bad enough Cloud kill plus some undead grapple monsters means there is a good chance that two players will slowly get con drained to death while pinned. Eyebite has a good chance of eventually driving off their alchemist/artillery. And ranged attacks against a flying greater invisible target is daunting.

I get this is a horror game but this has the wiff of tpk about it.

I'm a novice GM. I want to challenge my players not end the campaign. any suggestions?